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Phenobarbital For Grand Mal Seizure

Shoot All Seizures’ Problem With Phenobarbital

Grand mal seizure is a critical condition that requires serious and immediate medical help to get relief. There are many types of medications available that commit for providing certain relief to the sufferers. In the list of medications of grand mal seizure, Phenobarbital is one of the most efficacious medications. Mainly, Phenobarbital is used to cure cats and dogs who are suffering from epilepsy or seizures. It has shown quick results to treat seizures. So, this article is all about Phenobarbital and its usages to treat grand mal seizures. Read on various points related to this medication and get benefits.

What Phenobarbital Is, Must Understand Before Use

It is basically a barbiturate medication. It works like an anticonvulsant. Being an anticonvulsant, Phenobarbital prevents recurring seizures and help dogs and cats to get relief from epilepsy as well. It helps reducing brain cells’ activities for which these seizures generally occur. As it is a barbiturate drug, so it is quite effective drug that can control the consequences of seizures. The medication is easily available and not much expensive. To reduce the problems caused by grand mal seizures and epilepsy in pets, it is such an amazing medication.

How Phenobarbital Reacts When Given To Pets

Phenobarbital For Grand Mal Seizure

The problem of grand mal seizure can affect your pets and their daily performance. In this condition, Phenobarbital can do a great job. Initially, it will bring some changes in your pets. You must learn what changes can come in your pets when they come into the contact of Phenobarbital. Mostly, the pets look unsteady, uncoordinated and start acting as they are intoxicated. This effect lasts in few days and solves by its own. When the pets get adjusted to the dosage of Phenobarbital, these effects vanish automatically.

Possible Phenobarbital Side Effects

No over the counter drug is free from side effects. Similarly Phenobarbital has few side effects and that you must know. Although, it is a safe medication, yet the high dose of Phenobarbital can put negative impact on user. In comparison to lower dosage, higher dosage has higher side effects. In these side effects, lethargy, tiredness, sedation and uncoordination are few of them. All these side effects are temporary and last in just few weeks.  In addition to temporary side effects, there are few long lasting effects wherein increasing thirst, excessive urination and increased appetite are few of them.

Do Not Stop Using Phenobarbital Instantly

The most considerable factor about using Phenobarbital is to not to stop the usage of Phenobarbital instantly. If you suddenly stop giving Phenobarbital to your pets, then it may lead to critical seizures which are named as Status Epilepticus. This status epilepticus seizure remains throughout life and is quite life threatening disorder. So, always remember that never withdraw Phenobarbital suddenly, but it should be withdrawn slowly by decreasing dosage gradually. This way, Phenobarbital will not put any unwanted effect on user and will give the best result to cure grand mal seizure for sure.

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