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Does The Side Effect Of Medicines Cause Grand Mal Seizure

Tonic-clonic seizures also formerly known as grand mal seizures is one of the most common convulsion attacks. Seizures of any kind can be disrupting and terrifying. It may result in injury and illness. The main cause of this seizure is substantial or psychological stress or anxiety. Anti seizure medication is needed for those who are suffering from grand mal seizure. Anomalous electrical activity in brain is the renowned cause of its incidence in human body. It can be fatal or a great danger to life in some severe cases.  Researches claimed that it can also be instigated by epilepsy.

Causes Of Grand Mal Seizure

There are varieties of causes of the occurrence of grand mal/tonic clonic seizures some of them are:

  • Medication side effect
  • Abandonment of drugs or alcohol
  • Failure in breaking down of amino acid
  • Mental distress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Low blood pressure

We will now only discuss the medication side effects and how they contribute in the occurrence of grand mal/tonic clonic seizure.

Sleeping Pills Contributes Dramatically In The Occurrence Of Grand Mal Seizures

Side Effect Of Medication

It is proved that one of the most renowned cause of seizure is the side effect of medicines we intake.

  • Sleeping pills contributes dramatically in the occurrence of seizures.
  • General anesthesia given to the patient during surgeries also cause seizures.

Medication without proper prescription of the doctor is the main reason of the incidence of seizures. Exposure to certain toxins and side effects of medicines are the well known causes. It is also said that those people who used to consume a lot of alcohol and now taking medicines for its less consumption are the first ones to be hunted by grand mal seizures; tranquilizers are very dangerous because they can lead you to lethal seizures and liver disorders especially in the case of physical withdrawal.

Three Types Of Side Effects Associated With Epilepsy Drugs

  1. Predictable or most common side effects consists of general, common and dose-related side effects that are commonly associated with any kind of epilepsy drug. It mainly affects the central nervous system. The side effects common with such drugs are fatigue, unsteadiness, drowsiness or constipation.
  2. Idiosyncratic side effects are rare and random reactions which are generally not dose-related. Most often a patient will have side effects such as low blood cell count, skin itchiness or liver related problems.
  3. Inimitable side effects are those side effects which are unique and are not share by other drugs in the same class. For example, Dilantin or Phenytek usually have side effects such as swelling of the gums. Your physician/doctor will always discuss these unique side effects before prescribing such medicines.

Side Effects Of Seizures

Seizures Also Contributes To A Large Number Of Side Effects

  • Fatigue and sedation are the commonly reported side effects of grand mal seizure.
  • Dizziness is the lethal side effect of this seizure that restricts the normal movements in daily life.
  • Dramatic decrease in weight loss is also the side effect of grand mal seizure
  • Digestion problems are commonly faced effect by the seizure patients, whatever they eat is difficult for them to digest during this illness.
  • Rashes on the body is also one of the side effects of it.

Special Consideration For Pregnant Women

Those women who are passing from their pregnancy period should be cautious while working with their doctors. Some medications given during this period can also become the cause of occurrence of grand mal seizure that can also be genetically transmitted to the baby.

Precautionary Measures To Prevent You From Grand Mal Seizures

Above discussed seizure is fatal to health so we should take prompt step and should remain cautious while taking in medicines because medication’s side effect is the most commonly reported cause of grand mal seizure. Save yourself from this disease and live a happy contented life. Use every medicine after doctor’s prescription. Secure your surroundings and spread awareness to people about the grand mal seizures.

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