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Can A Seizure Look Like A Tantrum In Children

Many parents whose children are suffering with either grand mal or absence seizures are completely nonplused on their child’s first fit. Baby tantrums, an expected loss of control over emotions, can cause parents to wonder if they have done something bad or often are confused whether their baby is more likely to live a life with frustration. However, you need not to worry; tantrums in children are often confused with fits, which is not the case. Your respond or action to your baby’s tantrum should be different and not be confused with fits.

Tantrums In Children And Seizure

Seizure in children can look like a tantrum but the root cause is different. With the below explanations, I hope you become clear that tantrums in children can be seemed to be like seizures or vice-versa. There are many disorders which mimic seizures but it may not be so. The symptoms of seizures are varied and it includes a loss of unconsciousness, jerks, frequent movement of arms and legs or rolling eyes which are not observed in a child having tantrums.

Tantrums In Children And Their Association With Autistic Disorder

ASD Spectrum Disorders, commonly known as Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDDs), are responsible for general impairment in feeling, language, thinking and ability to respond to others. Pervasive Developmental Disorders are usually diagnosed in the early childhood and can range between mild to a severe form. The severe form of PDD is called the autistic disorder and the mild form is known as Asperger syndrome. Apart from these two disorders, there are two rare disorders which can also be found in children with PDD, they are Childhood disintegrative disorder and Rett syndrome.

Common Causes That Are Responsible For Tantrums

Autistic spectrum disorders kids are more prone to tantrums than other kids. Few common causes that are responsible for tantrums are:

  • Fatigue
  • Youngster’s Age
  • Stage of development
  • Stress in kid’s environment
  • Health conditions
  • Parents strong behavior towards kid’s demand

Tantrums in children who have ASD are common, so your knowledge towards it can really help your child to overcome it easily.

Autistic Tantrum And Seizure

Autistic tantrum can be thought as more of an epileptic seizure. The tantrum in children will run its course as like a seizure. Any disruption in between the tantrum will only make it more complicated. When the seizure runs its course, the patient calms down, so is the similarity with tantrums. When the tantrum will have run its course, the youngster will calm down. Your patience and calmness is also a perquisite to help the child calm down. If you become angry, it will only make the tantrum worse.

A Small Video On How You Can Prevent Tantrums In Children

Tantrums In Children – Important Points To Remember

Often parents feel uneasy and difficult to respond properly to a child’s tantrum. However keep in mind the following points:

  • A child with tantrums associated with ASD is not a spoiled, demon possessed or stubborn kid.
  • Never confused tantrum as a threat. The child is to be understood and it is not a question of authority.
  • With your proper knowledge and patience, tantrums in a child can be controlled.

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