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Life Expectancy of People with Grand Mal Seizures

Grand Mal Seizures

Grand Mal Seizures What To Do & SUDEP

Grand mal seizures occur because of the abnormal electrical impulses in the brain. This can be controlled through medications and surgical interventions. Having this condition can be pretty hard for some people because this can affect their safety. A person with grand mal seizures can have an unexpected attack any time, any place. This is why people with grand mal seizure and their loved ones often are bothered with the question about the life expectancy of people who have this condition.

What to Do When a Person is Having Grand Mal Seizures

If you see someone having grand mal seizures, the primary thing that you should take note of is to never attempt to restrain the person. This can do more harm than good. The best thing that you can do is to keep him away from anything that can harm him while he is having grand mal seizures. If he is on the floor, you better keep him away from tables, chairs, and the like. Clear the area from anything that is sharp or anything that can cause injury.

Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP)

What people should know about the life expectancy of people with grand mal seizures is that is it is just the same as everyone else’s. However, this does not include those people who have the condition because of stroke, brain tumors, and the like. SUDEP or Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy is very rare.  This occurs in people who have epilepsy and dies without a clear cause. The risk for this cause of death is higher for people taking enormous amounts of grand mal seizures medications. A person is often found lying face down and most of the time does not appear to have had any seizure prior to his death. There are many possible causes that researchers have pointed out such as irregular heart rhythm, suffocation because of impaired breathing and fluid inside the lungs.

Grand Mal Seizures Related information & Suggestions

The best and best way you can help you and your family get ready and deal with grand mal seizures is through studying and understanding a lot more about them. So check out more publications on our grand mal seizures web site.

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  1. Very depressive info for people with grand mal seizures…

    • less years to live and less enjoyable… a very unlucky situation…

    • My 16 year old has grand mal and focal and I worry a lot about her this is not only hard on me but on her cause we dont know why or how she developed it

      • i am 16 and have the same thing its not very nice

  2. I have Ben diagnosed with Grand Mal seizures, and you must keep a positive outlook on life. It will change your life however change is a constant part of life.

    • I understand what you are saying. I was diagnosed by a doctor at 30 yrs old. I found out after understanding seizures I had them for years. My first 2 brain surgeries were when I had spinal meningitis & encephalitis as an infant. At 30 I was taking the written test to renew my drivers license for an 18 wheeler. I was a federal law enforcement officer. I am now in my 60’s and can not drive still, had 5 brain surgeries, use a walker and live in assisted living. I take over 4000 mg of seizure meds per day. So much for my career. I was first a Park Ranger, then a Forester for 35 years and had to quit early. I can do almost nothing now.

  3. Definitely s huge i turn in my life 20 years ago day at a time enjoy what we got and smoke that medical weed

  4. My 23year old son married had 3 childre. He had. his seizures since 8 years old, He was a pedestrine twice got bang by a drunk drver secondly hit by an oncoming car. That cause my son to have grand mal seizures. Thru out those years there was always twist in my stomach. At least 3to 4 times a month. Sirens always made me jumped it always for him when werent home.
    My son accomplished the passion of his life being married having 4 children riding dirt bike and having a volkswagon bug.

  5. A big complication for anyone to live with

  6. If these people can’t drive and work, why can’t they receive their government disability?? I know several people who have worked well over half their life, developed a seizure disorder and are turned down when they applied for their disability funds.

    • What gives? I thought Americans were number one, especially in their own country!!!

  7. Yeah it is kinda depressing especially when you lose jobs due to this condition. Plus my doctor recently told me that if I continue having seizures the way I do then I am most likely to either end up braindead or dead by my 50’s haha! I still thanked him for being honest with me haha

  8. I am almost 16 and I started having grand mal seizures about 3 months ago. I went to the hospital, but they told me it was probably a one-time thing, which was obviously wrong. I hope I can get a job, and some of that CBD oil I heard of from a friend with epilepsy.

  9. Lost a great job of 15 yrs for GM’s ON job #2 less than 2yrs. have had 3 breakthroughs. WTF We weren’t meant to work with condition.

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