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Gelastic Epilepsy

Gelastic epilepsy is a rare form of epilepsy in which a person experiences ‘gelastic’ seizures. ‘Gelastic’ is a Greek word derived from...

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Abdominal Epilepsy

Abdominal epilepsy is an uncommon syndrome of epilepsy. It is more likely to occur in children. With abdominal epilepsy, there are group...

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Nocturnal Seizures in Children

Nocturnal seizures in children are a sub-form of epilepsy. Where many children are suffering from night seizures, some are suffering from...

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Seizure Disorders And Medical Marijuana

Seizures types vary from one individual to another. The main types of seizure attacks include tonic, atonic, atypical and myoclonic. All...

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Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome

Brain abnormalities caused due to any condition can give a rise to Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS). If you were to look at the basic...

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Dravet Syndrome

Dravet syndrome is a rare genetic epileptic condition that appears during the first year of life. It is also known as severe myoclonic...

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Teens Should Strictly Battle With Grand Mal Seizures

Time To Learn The Definition Of Grand Mal Seizures Grand Mal Seizures which is popular as tonic-clonic seizure is such a chronic health...

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Infant Seizure Symptoms

Infants with seizures can be caused by different factors and it may be a symptoms of certain medical condition, namely epilepsy. However,...

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Partial vs. Generalized Seizures In Children

Tonic clonic seizures formerly known as grand mal seizures can be a result from an abnormal electrical activity in the entire brain, while...

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Anti-Convulsant Drugs for Grand Mal Seizures during Pregnancy

Grand Mal Seizures Medicine Can Lead to Birth Defects Grand mal seizures are induced by abnormalities in the electrical activities in the...

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