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Does your Anti-Epileptic Drugs Affect Your Method of Contraception?

Women with epilepsy taking anti-epileptic drugs may have difficulty in preventing pregnancy using some contraception methods. This usually...

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Epilepsy and Dating – Should I Tell That I Have Epilepsy at the Very First Date

Dating or maintaining an intimate relationship is not an issue for people who experience seizures once in a while. But for people, who...

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How Menopause Affects Seizure Activity

Studies conducted by American Academy of Family Physicians reveal that about 1 percent of the population suffers from seizures induced...

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Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy Treatment

Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy or JME is characterized by the presence of petit mal seizures (also known as absence seizures), grand mal...

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Intractable Epilepsy

When epilepsy is uncontrolled, it shows the continuous manifestation of an intolerable quantity of seizures despite judicious treatment....

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Grand Mal Seizures and the Dangers They Pose on a Pregnant Woman and Her Child

Grand mal seizures, also known as tonic-clonic seizures, are caused by disorders in the electrical activities of the brain. Electrical...

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Seizures In Older Adults

Upon the arrival of a tonic clonic or grand mal seizures you may notice sudden stiffness in body, loss of consciousness, slow jerking...

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What Fractures can Result from Grand Mal Seizures?

Grand Mal Seizures can result in injuries Bilateral intracapsular fracture of hip is one of the rare consequences of grand mal seizure....

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Grand Mal Seizure in Pregnancy

Don’t “Joke” with Grand Mal Seizures There are a lot of women that belong to the age bracket of childbearing years have...

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