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Grand Mal Seizures In Dogs | Try Alternative Remedies For Treating Seizure

Pets & Grand Mal Seizures

Does your dog have grand mal seizures? What treatments have you applied up till now? The conventional treatment for epilepsy in dogs consists of Phenobarbital and Potassium bromide. Both veterinary drugs are known for various side effects. A more genital approach here would be to adopt an alternative remedy such as homeopathic or herbal medications to cure epilepsy or seizures in dog. These alternative remedies contain natural ingredients which are safer and highly effective without causing any serious side effects that are typically evident with conventional drugs for epilepsy.

Sudden Change In Natural Brain Working & Grand Mal Seizures

Veterinarian Perform CT Scan To Find Out Underlying Cause Behind Seizures

As we know seizure is a muscle contraction resulted through uncontrolled signals from the brain. It’s a sudden change in the way your dog’s brain usually works. However it occurs for only a few seconds. The process of brain during seizure is like a power outage that switches off the electricity. Grand mal seizures give uncontrollable movement to the body. Seizures in dogs are classified as grand mal seizures as it affects dog’s entire body. Like with other, grand mal seizures also has no known cause. The veterinarian does perform tests like MRI, Spinal fluid tap, x-rays and CT scan to get a possible clue behind the seizure.

Brain Infection May Causes Seizure In Small Dogs

The age at which the dog gets the onset gives nearly accurate idea of an underlying cause behind the seizures. The small puppies get seizure because of some brain infection in them such as meningitis. Epilepsy is another major cause behind the seizures, especially to the dog’s ages 1 to 5. Seizure usually occurs to the small pets if it is affecting an older dog, the dog must have a severe brain injury in recent past. There is a close connection between diet and seizure attaches. A pet with epilepsy should be given a commercial hypoallergenic diet for few weeks. The diet may show some positive results. Holistic diet, naturally preserved food and animal proteins are a part of alternative remedies for grand mal seizures.

Alternative Remedies For Fast Relief

Belladonna A Possible Replacement Of Conventional Medication For Seizure

If you are able to, you can try an acupressure point to help control seizure. The point is located where the nose and the upper lips meet. It is known as GV26 (point below the nostrils). Alternatively, you can try homeopathic medicines. Holistic practitioners usually suggest belladonna (twice a day) as a possible replacement of conventional medicine. There is another medicine called ‘Aconite’ which is used for sudden conditions. The ideal dose is 30C tab per 30lbs (in 15 minute intervals).

Consult A Veterinarian Every Now And Then

Grand mal seizures in dogs or any pets are a crucial condition as they cannot tell you their experiences. You have to be well aware of the things like seizure, its types and possible consequences. You may consult your dog’s veterinarian time to time about the changes or symptoms you see in your dog. Instead of giving importance to conventional medicines, I would encourage you to try alternative or holistic medication options. They can be an effective substitute of conventional medication with almost no side effects.

Grand Mal Seizures Guidance & Suggestions

The most beneficial and best way you can actually help yourself prepare and accept grand mal seizures is simply by examining and learning more about them. So check out more articles on our grand mal seizures web pages.

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