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Phenytoin For Grand Mal Seizure

Grand Mal Seizures & Its Medication

Grand Mal Seizures is a critical condition that is related to unusual electrical mental impulses occurring in the brain cells. As per medical reports, these seizures result in consciousness loss and body convulsions. The symptoms of this disorder are similar to epilepsy. So, it becomes highly requisite to get immediate medication to cure this condition as early as possible. In this condition, all the anticonvulsant medications do not work properly, however there are a few supplements that help prevent grand mal seizure, like Phenytoin can be a good choice in Grand Mal Seizures treatment.

What Is Phenytoin


Basically, Phenytoin is a famous epilepsy medication which is used for several types of epilepsy from years. It has shown good results in grand mal seizures too. Phenytoin mainly works by correlating with sodium channels available in human brain. Along with effective results, it has some side effects too and some of them, trouble patients a lot. Due to its side effects, some new medications have replaced Phenytoin. So, if you want to use Phenytoin for your grand mal seizures’ issue, then do consider the side effects once. Undoubtedly it is beneficial cure; still some drawbacks are there to be considered.

Side Effects Of Phenytoin

Phenytoin is an old medication which has used by several Grand mal seizures or epilepsy patients so far and also it has benefitted them all. But, several patients have come some other aspects of this medication. As per those aspects, it has few side effects too that are experienced by users of Phenytoin. These side effects include movement disorder, nausea, eye movements etc. These are temporary side effects however, some long term effects have also been noticed including extra growth of gums and un-required growth of hair.

Is Phenytoin An Effective Drug For Grand Mal Seizure

For treatment of seizures or epilepsy, many doctors have admitted that Phenytoin is an effective solution. It is mainly an anticonvulsant medication. Mainly, it starts its effect to eradicate seizures’, on motor cotex which is the first action place of seizures. It promotes sodium efflux through neurons and stabilizes hyperexcitability which is developed due to excess amount of stimulation or biological changes. In addition to it, it also reduces posttestanic potentiation while synapses which stops seizures. Phenytoin also minimizes the maximum brain stem activity which is responsible for occurring Grand Mal Seizures.

Right Way To Use Phenytoin

So, if you are badly suffering from Grand mal seizures and thinking to use Phenytoin for its cure, then firstly you are advised to visit a doctor and ask him about the same. On your doctor’s prescription, you can start using Phenytoin. The most effective way is to shake medication perfectly to make a perfect dose. Use the dosages daily for 2 or 3 times. This dosage can be varied as per your condition, so better to use doctors prescribed dosage. In case, you feel any kind of stomach issue, then you can use Phenytoin with food as well.

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