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What Are Silent Seizures?

‘Silent seizures’ are a kind of seizures that are difficult to find out due to their restrained symptoms. On the other hand, ‘Grand...

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Petit Mal Seizure | Why Should You Be Cautious While Taking Food

Petit mal seizure is most common in the age group of 16 to 20. It is characterized by abrupt and small interruption in the consciousness...

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Misdiagnosis Of Petit Mal Seizure | Look-alike ADD Child May Meet The Diagnostic Criteria For ADD

Seizure is nothing but a brief disturbance in the brain functioning. This happens when there are some abnormalities found in the brain’s...

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A Through Medical Check-Up Is Must Confirming A Petit Mal Seizure

Petit mal seizure in children may sometimes be under-diagnosed because in the seizure the child only have a staring spell and he or she is...

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Can Anyone Suffering From A Seizures Disorder Have A Normal Life When Treated?

Seizures are yet difficult to understand but due to the improvement in medical sciences there have been significant procedures to heal it....

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Seizure Disorders | Symptoms and Behaviours

Blackouts or periods of confused memory Episodes of staring or unexplained periods of unresponsiveness Involuntary movement of arms and...

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What Are the Symptoms of Petit Mal Seizures?

Petit mal seizures, also known as absence seizures, are a type of generalized seizure experienced by people with epilepsy, in which...

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