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What is Catemenial Epilepsy?

Do you notice changes in your seizure frequency or intensity just before your menstrual cycle starts? Well if yes, you could be a victim...

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Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy Treatment

Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy or JME is characterized by the presence of petit mal seizures (also known as absence seizures), grand mal...

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Intractable Epilepsy

When epilepsy is uncontrolled, it shows the continuous manifestation of an intolerable quantity of seizures despite judicious treatment....

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Causes of Cat Seizures

Seizures in cats are not normal and are something to be alarmed of and as a matter of fact, seizures in cats are not very common. Cats who...

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Herbal Remedies for Seizures

Whatever type of seizure disorder a person is suffering from, may it be grand mal seizures, petit mal seizures, partial seizure, absence...

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Partial vs. Generalized Seizures In Children

Tonic clonic seizures formerly known as grand mal seizures can be a result from an abnormal electrical activity in the entire brain, while...

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Psychiatric Disorders In Children And Adolescents

Children with sleepwalking disorder sometimes have seizures when they grow older. These children are not exactly a victim of sleep...

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Understanding Grand Mal Seizures And Associated Injuries

Grand Mal Seizures, Accidents & More Generalized seizures are mainly characterized by two types of seizures that are tonic-clonic also...

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Having Alzheimer’s Disease May Increase The Risk Of Seizure In Elderly

The general perception about petit mal seizure is that it most often attacks to the children but very rarely to the adult and elderly....

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Absence Seizure | A Few Dietary Precautions May Prevent Serious Damages

Absence seizure is common in children and is first noticed in them when they attain the age of  4 to 8 years. Seizure onset may also be...

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