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Petit Mal Seizures In The Elderly Are Usually A Result Of Aging

Petit mal seizure is common in children as well as in the people older than 60 years of age. In adults, petit mal seizure is one of the mildest attacks which are usually unnoticed. It is a kind of generalized seizure lasts about 15 seconds or less during which a person is cut off from rest of the world. Its symptoms do not involve anything risky, like loss of consciousness or convulsive movement which may cause injury in body organs. When seizure attacks the patient, they get into a position which appears as they are lost in space. It seems as they are showing lack of interest in the things going around or are deep in thought. This type of seizure attack is also referred as absence seizure but is regarded as a realistic one.

Momentarily Lost In Space

Epilepsy May Cause Petit Mal Seizure In Adults

Petit mal seizure in adults may be because of number of triggers although in various cases epilepsy has been found the main culprit. There is always a profound relation between the onset of seizure in adults as well as with children. Epilepsy in adults is a rare incident but people with learning disability are more prone to such attacks. In children epilepsy may pass form their parents but kind of evidences are as rare as 5%.

Petit Mal Seizure Due To Underlying Diseases Upsetting The Brain

Other than epilepsy adult might also have seizures due to brain damage, a trauma, a conic illness or a drug abuse. Meningitis and stroke might also give rise to seizure in adults as they sometimes severely affect the brain. When we get deep in to the subject we may see that a seizure in adults is basically a result of aging, poor mental health and loss of immunity. Sometimes a chronic illness affects a human body both physically and mentally and causes seizure. Adults may also get seizure with sudden withdrawal of alcohol and drugs.

Detection Of Absence Seizure In Adults

Petit Mal Seizure Is Usually Mistaken For Lack Of Attention

In adults the onset of a seizure is quite elusive. the occurrence of petit mal seizure may range form single to multiple times in a day and can easily be mistaken for lack of attention or behavioral traits of the old age. Detection of a seizure in adults and elderly is hard as patient does not show any alarming signal and are usually wide awake having no memories of the event soon after it ends. It might get detected when some momentarily hesitations and discomfort such as fumbling hands, fluttering eyelids gazing in to the space are noticed by another person. Some of the triggers of the absence seizure might be from the surroundings.

Completer Diagnosis Is Must With Seizure Symptoms

Although it is difficult to identify a seizure in adults but whenever you notice any symptoms of petit mal seizure in an adult at your family or neighbor get them to the doctor for complete diagnosis. It should never be ignored for its low effects as it may cause sever injuries due to accidents resulting from seizure. A seizure patient should maintain sleep hygiene and avoid consumption of alcohol to minimize the occurrence of seizure in future.  With petit mal seizure symptoms proper diagnosis is must as a wrong diagnosis may cause unwanted restrictions on a patient’s lifestyle as well as potential risk of side-effects from anti-seizure medication.

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