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Self Injury Because of Petit Mal Seizures

This is a real danger and often people don’t think about this aspect of petit mal seizures because mostly the famous seizures are the “starring spells” or absence seizure which people sometimes think of as daydreaming or have an experience of someone being “blank” or “out of it” while sitting or laying down – basically a safe, low danger environment.

But actually petit mal seizures can happen hundreds of times during one day and they can happen anytime, while doing any kind of an activity, which can get extremely dangerous.

That is exactly why people who are having petit mal seizures are not allowed to drive because they can “switch off” anytime and endanger not only themselves but also all the other drivers around.

But what about all the other activities which the person is doing?

One can easily get a self injury by having a petit mal seizure while cutting up salad in the kitchen

Most of things in the kitchen involve kitchen tools, out of which the most used one is the kitchen knife. Now what happens if you are cutting things up and you have a petit mal seizure – there is a very high chance that you cut yourself.

Same thing applies for example if someone is going up or down the stairs. If the seizure hits there is a chance that the person would fall and roll down the stairs ending up possibly with a great injury.

There is no solution as such to these things and given that the seizures can happen hundreds of times during the day there is a pretty high chance that one accident or another will happen.

The injuries of course can be as simple as a mild cut or as dangerous as another impact on the head making things even more complex than they are.

The only solution in these cases is to try to stay away from any major injury possibilities, however, this is easier said than done.

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