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A Head Injury Should Also Be Monitored Considering Petit Mal Seizure

Petit mal seizure occur both children and adults with symptoms such as starching back the body, folding legs around chair and staring into space. It makes us uneasy seeing someone in petit mal seizure. Petit mal seizure also known as absence seizure is a result of abnormal activity of the brain, especially the nerve cells. There could be any number of reasons for nerve cells dysfunction. Their communication may disrupt because of multiple reasons. In many cases it is difficult to diagnose exact reason why that person had an absence seizure which caused him uncomfortable movements for a short period of time.  However, it is usually diagnosed through an EEG.

Sudden Withdrawal Of Drugs and Alcohol May Cause Petit Mal Seizure

Petit mal seizure has no known cause but it is believed that it may occur to a person due to neurological disorder, epilepsy, alcohol and drug withdrawal or ingestion of poison.

Withdrawal Of Tranquilizers And Risk Of Seizure

Alcohol intake or sudden withdrawal of alcohol has given petit mal seizures to various patients. Our brain produces neurotransmitters such as noradrenalin which sometimes is suppressed with depressants chemical presents in most of the drugs and alcohol. Tranquilizers, are considered dangerous for health. Physical withdrawal of such tranquilizers can lead to a person with seizure, heart attack and various other health disorders. Liver damage is very much evident with alcohol dependence. Liver is responsible for cleaning away the toxic waste products form the body and when it is damaged it creates a lot of dysfunction in brain and other parts of the body.

Seizure Due To Ingestion Of Poisonous Substance

Seizure may also occur with ingestion of some poisonous substance. Take care, and stay your children away from poisonous substance.  If at any case you find them ingesting mercury poisoning, carbon monoxide poisoning or lead poisoning, immediately take them to a nearby medical center. Carbamate pesticides usually produces muscle flaw that sometimes progresses towards flaccid paralysis. This may also cause nausea, loss of bowel and bladder, vomiting and abnormal cramping.

Children Are More Prone To Epileptic Seizures

Spinal Cord And Head Injuries Should Also Be Monitored Considering An Event Of Petit Mal Seizure

Seizures are also considered an alarming signal of epilepsy which is caused due to unbalanced level of neurotransmitters. When there is an imbalance in the neurotransmitters, brain gets disrupted messages which are considered clear source of epilepsy.  Athletes who earlier were diagnosed with epilepsy are more prone to seizure attacks. Athletes usually have hyperventilation which sends them to the higher risk of petit mal seizure. Developing mind, such as a child’s brain may also have epileptic seizures.

Diabetes Or Other Chronic Illnesses

There may be various other reasons that may cause you seizure such as Alzheimer’s disease that is mostly found in elderly people, previous history of stroke, and people with diabetes or other chronic illnesses. Various studies done on seizure and its causes also indicate that a head injury or spinal cord injuries should also be monitored and crosschecked for seizure symptoms. It is said that melatonin intake may also cause seizures in a person as a side effect but such statements are not confirmed through evidences.

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