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Petit Mal Seizure | Don’t Let The Child Develop A Feeling Of Lack Of Self-Worth

We all are aware of the biological implication of petit mal seizures but tell me, how many of you know that they may have a profound effect on child’s psyche. Yes, a petit mal seizure or an absence seizure is a phenomenon that is less discussed in the medical circle on the grounds of frequency or severity. However, they usually show concern over its emotional consequences which are difficult to recompense. It is important for the caregivers to make a rapport with the child and have regular consultations with child’s physician to learn more about emotional consequences of absence seizures. You may not believe but truth is that such seizures can have far-reaching consequences where even medicines are not sufficed.

A seizure may occur during a meeting or class

Conditions May Become Irritable For The Patient

Petit mal seizure gives staring spell or a sudden blankness to the patient. The condition become verse when the patient is in a public place or is involved in something import like a project meeting or a class conversation.  Seizure, specially the petit mal seizure does not stay more than 10-15 seconds, but that is an enough time to give someone a clue that there is something wrong with the person. These seizures somehow come in to the notice of the public and it is observed that sometime people respond weirdly to the situation. They might become cautious and in worse cases they even stop meeting that person. But patient is helpless in these situations as he cannot hide his seizure form public specially form those whom he meets frequently.

Petit Mal Seizure – How It Affects Child’s Behavior

How we perceive ourselves has a great importance as it makes all our personality and also the ability to show our worth in any discipline. Children and teenagers with seizure are found with low self-esteem and have difficulty in constructing their self-percept.  More such repercussions of absence seizure in children and teenagers include:

  • Children with petit mal seizure feel themselves less competent as they develop a myth that they have seizure because their brain does not work well enough as other people’s brain does.
  • Sometimes their seizure hampers their regular studies. Their low academic performances further weaken their self-percepts.
  • They feel less active and physically weak.
  • The children are also found exhibiting aggression and hyperactivity to catch the attention and to hide the grief and insecurity associated with the medical condition.
  • Unpredictability of the medical condition also makes them feel anxious.

Efforts Are Required Form Every Side

Children Sometimes Exhibit Aggression And Hyperactivity To Hide The Grief Associated With The Medical Condition

Being a parent responsibilities are greater comparing to others. Do not always protect them concerning their safety, but carefully support them and offer them some independence and motivation so that their confidence and self-esteem stay elevated. Doctors can offer special community work to support the child with his psychological and social needs. Teachers should have a clear understanding of the child’s medical conditions and it’s their duty to make the child comfortable in the class room. Teaches can educate child’s class mates about absence seizure and its complications, they are also be educated to behave with the patient no differently as it is not at all required.

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