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Petit Mal Seizure | Why Should You Be Cautious While Taking Food

Petit mal seizure is most common in the age group of 16 to 20. It is characterized by abrupt and small interruption in the consciousness and it also includes small jerks of the hands and facial muscles. These seizures are also known as the absence seizures and they exist for a very short duration and there is also to some extent lack of awareness found in the person suffering with it. There have been studies going on to find the acute symptoms of petit mal seizure but there is not much success because they prevail for a very short duration. One of the most common symptoms that could be noticed is that the person often stares into space and often smacking and chewing of lips is visible. A person when recovered from this phase usually has no memory of the incidence and continues the work he/she was performing.

If You Have Petit Mal Seizure You Could Be Food Sensitive

Children and adults who are suffering from petit mal seizures must try to avoid the intake of the artificial sugar called aspartame. Aspartame has also been found as one root cause of seizures in the people. It creates a metabolic disorder which is known as phenylketonuria which does allow the digestion of amino acids in the body properly. People who suffer from seizures attend to have food sensitivities and food allergies. They should also be aware of the food that can cause reaction in their body. Tartrazine and benzoic acid are few common food additives that can trigger seizure attacks. It may be different for different people so always take precautions while choosing the food to eat.

Pneumonia Can Also Be One Of The Cause For Peti Mal Seizure

Video Recording Of The Petit Mal Seizure May Help In Its Better Diagnosis

Petit mal seizure could be for a very small amount of time may be for few seconds but sometimes these partial seizures can become very complex too. So if you notice any severity of the seizure the best thing to do is to seek assistance of an ambulance to send the patient immediately to the nearest hospital. If you are one of a family member you can also do a video recording of the patient, it becomes a vital source to know the symptoms of the seizure and doctor could give a better diagnosis and treatment. It also helps in monitoring the total amount of time the seizure took place.

Pregnant Women Should Take Additional Medicines To Avoid Birth Defects

Petit mal seizure can be caused due to several reasons. It may happen from an injury that can occur from falls and bumps. Inhaling fluid into lungs also known as pneumonia can be one of the causes for seizure attack. Women who are pregnant or planning to get pregnant are advised to take additional source of vitamins and minerals such as folic acid supplements to minimize risk of seizure during birth time. Always insist on a proper check up with the doctor to ensure timely medicines for your seizure problem. However, in most cases petit mal seizures could be treated with medicines and can reduce or control its implications. You should be also aware of the side effects that these medicines carry and you can always ask your doctor about it. Proper and timely dosages are the only way to get rid of these seizures and help in controlling further seizure attacks.

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