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Do You Have To Go To A Hospital If You Have A Petit Mal Seizure?

Those people who just begin learning about their petit mal seizure and what it is like to have it and live with it, some may wonder if it will go away by itself and if they really need to go to a doctor or to a hospital.

Actually it is not such a simple answer. Sure, theoretically anyone would say to go to the doctor, but actually they can not change the fact that you are having a seizure right now. And basically, if you don’t go to see a doctor after your seizure either in a small clinic or in a hospital nothing really bad will happen to you. The petit mal seizure will just work itself out and you would start recovering until the full recovery which can take shorter or longer time depending on the severity of your seizure.

So from that perspective you can easily have a petit mal seizure and not even see doctors. Many people have these problems and actually don’t even have access to medical help so they just live with it.

That said, the doctors can give some medications which would partially control the petit mal seizure by making it reduce in frequency. So it will surely not harm to go see them – don’t worry if you are afraid.

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