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Grand Mal Seizures – Take Precautions To Avoid Traumatic Injury

Taking Care & Grand Mal Seizures

Grand mal seizures are a change in the function of the brain due to paroxysmal electrical discharge. The clinical presentation of such discharge differ from person to person, in some it is only a twitching lasting not more than three to four seconds whereas, for others it is a brief period of rhythmic convulsions that may continue for hours if nothing is done to stop. Grand mal seizures are a common phenomenon; each year more than 30,000 children are diagnosed with epilepsy and around 3000 of them have seizures. Seizure is diagnosed with various methods and is of different types. Seizure may or may not cause an injury to the patient so going with a few precautions is good while you have a seizure patient in the family.

Each Year More Than 30,000 Children Are Diagnosed With Epilepsy And Around 10% Of Them With Seizure

Precautions To Prevent Any Possible Injury Or Chocking

With grand mal seizures you need to be more cautious. At the time of grand mal seizures you need to prevent the patient with any traumatic injury or choking. In grand mal seizure the body has uncontrollable violent movements that may cause all types of fractures and bleeding in the inside vital body organs. At this stage the only way to prevent the patient form any possible injury is to be ready with all the precautionary equipment. Of course, a seizure attack may occur at any place and at any time so the failure to prevent injury is not always a matter of negligence and that makes it obvious to explore more and more of seizure precautions including care plan, risk assessment and also nursing intervention.

Keep The Medical Records And History To Prepare A Better Care Plan

To start with, you may keep all important records to help make a care plan well, such as:

  • A record of frequent seizure activities
  • A seizure activity that may have occurred in the past year
  • History of any head injury
  • Medications that may have helpful in lowering the grand mal seizures attacks
  • Any change or re-adjustment in the medication schedule

Considering all these facts try to make a care plan that could create an environment to prevent any possible injury.

Discourage All Those Things That May Trigger Grand Mal Seizures

Discourage All Such Activities And Behaviors That Might Lead To Seizures

There are many actions suggested that can be used to reduce the likelihood of a seizure attack. For example, a good method is to discourage all such activities that might provoke a possible occurrence of grand mal seizures. Such good practices can be like, avoiding head traumas or avoiding any such thing that could trigger a seizure in that person. Making the environment stress free, promoting good health habits and educating yourself with various signs and symptoms of seizure can also be taken as good examples considering seizure precaution.

Stay Abreast With Medical Literature

If in a family, there is a seizure patient it would be good that the family stay abreast with journals or medical literature on seizures. For instance, you may take notes form the traditional medical articles written on triggers and possible treatments on seizure. Reading different case studies will give you better insight on the topic to avoid possible misdiagnosis of the disease. Read alternative medicine prospective for a different approach. You may also talk to a doctor specializes in grand mal seizures medication for more information on the subject.

Grand Mal Seizures Resources & Advice

The best and best way you could help your self prepare and live with grand mal seizures is simply by studying and discovering much more about them. So see more publications on our grand mal seizures web pages.

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