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Possibilities Of SSI Disability Benefits For Your Grand Mal Seizures

A person suffering with grand mal seizures has to undergo a lot of troubles and complications. The person feels stiffness and contraction in the muscles that often progress towards the loss of consciousness. Grand mal seizures have two main phases, the tonic seizure and clonic seizure; which indicates affected area of the brain due to electrical disturbances. The severity of the seizure differs from person to person and that largely depends upon the affected part of the brain with disturbed electrical signals.  The exact cause behind grand mal seizures is still a subject to research. However, it is believed that head injuries, stroke or infection in brain tissues may lead to grand mal seizures in a person.

Avoid Those Activities That Predispose You For Higher Grand Mal Seizures Risk

Grand mal seizures patients especially those who have a history of grand mal are advised not to go swimming alone or operate heavy machinery. By avoiding swimming we can avoid drowning which has been a major cause behind death form epilepsy in various cases. Seizure patients are also restricted from sports activities such as boxing or wrestling, which expose the player for repeated head injury. It is a must for the seizure patients to prevent themselves form unnecessary head trauma. Other general precautions that a seizure patient should follow are to avoid all those habits that can predispose them for higher risk of seizures, such as late night working and upsetting daily routine.  Patient with successive seizure episodes is given written notice by the doctors to avoid such things.

Medical Description Is A Must To Obtain SSI

Social Security Benefits For Grand Mal Seizures

A person suffering from epilepsy such as grand mal seizures can get the benefits of Social Security Disability. Epilepsy patients are entitled to Social Security Disability or SSI benefits at few states but for that it is essential that they must be affected with seizure to the point where it is certified that they would not be able to perform any kind of work. It is SSI fashion to evaluate all convulsive disease on the degree of destruction suffered by the seizure patient. To obtain SSI benefit it is compulsory to have at least one medical description by a certified practitioner that says the person has experienced grand mal seizures.

EEG After Seizure

Grand Mal Seizures And SSI Listing Criteria

Documentation of at least one EEG is must for SSI Listing. An EEG is used to record and demonstrate seizure activities. Conditions apply with SSI listing for Grand mal seizures or other major seizure and that conditions include:

  • Documentation with EEG
  • Should have detailed description of grand mal seizure by the Doctor
  • Occurrence of seizure should be more than once per month
  • Evidence of daytime seizure or nocturnal episodes with residuary effects to indicate significant disturbance in daytime activity

Can You Qualify for Social Security Benefits Because of Epilepsy?

Adults with epilepsy may be eligible for Social Security benefits upon the evaluation by the Social Security Administration. They mainly evaluate a person suffering with epilepsy based according to the type, duration, frequency and characteristics of seizures. As we all know that having epilepsy does not necessarily mean that you are disabled if it’s well-controlled. To have Social security benefits you need to prove that epilepsy affects your everyday activities. Social Security Administration also evaluates that your seizures is not a result from alcohol consumption or drug intervention.

When you file for the benefits, a claims examiner will be assigned to check the evidences and state points that you’re eligible for benefits or not. To check your medical records, SSA usually has their own doctors appointed to evaluate them and provide input.

The claims examiner and the doctor appointed by SSA will look for following items in your records towards filing your case for epilepsy benefits:

  1. Proper diagnosis of seizures because of epilepsy
  2. A detailed description of the type of seizure attacks such as grand mal seizure or absence seizures.
  3. A statement from your physician regarding the nature and occurrence of your seizures
  4. A description of seizures from your family members or bystanders who witnessed your seizures
  5. A record that has the history of your past seizures attacks
  6. EEG
  7. A detailed history of treatments taken
  8. Evidence to show that you are taking seizure medications from three months you’re your body is compliance with them.
  9. Blood tests or other pathological tests if any.

Assistance On Social Security Disability

If you fulfill the criteria of seizure listing you may win the disability benefits by SSI but the identification process does not end here. The law has given the authority to the Social Security Administration Judge to evaluate the person having seizure over the conditions of full time job for a long run. For more information or assistance on SSI benefits and its eligibility criteria consult with an experienced Social Security Disability attorney in your area.

Grand Mal Seizures Related information & Tips

The most beneficial and only way you are able to help your self be prepared and accept grand mal seizures is through examining and studying much more about them. So take a look at more posts on our grand mal seizures website.

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