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Can grand mal seizures kill you even if you take the correct safety precautions?

Grand Mal Seizures Q&A – Death & Accidents

Death can happen due to grand mal seizures however it is not happening often and it is usually due to injury from an activity that may have been happening a the time of the grand mal seizures, such as having an accident while driving. This is why doctors say to limit certain types of activities.

Use also some common sense with grand mal seizures

Do use some common sense as well as all the medical advice from doctors. Doctors only know what they have been taught and they definitely do not know what exactly you normally do every day, where do you go and what kind of hobbies do you have. Some things maybe you will share easily but other activities people could keep in secret. So the common sense when having grand mal seizures comes in where you should realize that at any particular moment you could lose control of yourself, so you must always be aware of your environment and not put yourself into the situation of a possible grave and deadly accident (even though your friends might pressure you to).

grand mal seizures

No driving is not a recommendation when it comes to grand mal seizures

Sure people will say you are not allowed to drive a car, but again, under social pressure, the psychological wish to be “normal”, maybe try to show off to friends or simply having a sort of an emergency where someone really needs to rush to buy some medicine, etc. However, do not put yourself in the car because you never know when you could lose control and you might not only cause your own death but also everyone else who would be involved in the accident.

Grand Mal Seizures Information & Advice

The very best and only way you can help you and your family prepare and live with grand mal seizures is by checking out and understanding much more about them. So check out more blog posts on our grand mal seizures site.

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