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Flea Medications and Dog Seizures

Flea medications are used in treating dogs suffering from flea infestation. However, not all dogs find flea medications effective. As a matter of fact, there are some dogs that are quite sensitive to flea medications. There are some flea medications that contain ingredients that can be causative factors for dog seizures. Before using any flea medications and to help in preventing dog seizures, discuss with your dog’s veterinarian and even with your dog’s groomer about other alternative flea prevention medications and other flea treatment options that are safer for your dog’s overall health.

What’s In Flea Medications that Cause Dog Seizures

Flea Medications and Dog Seizures

It has been proven that one of the most common causative factors for dog seizures related to flea medications is IVERMECTIN. Ivermectin is the primary chemical culprit found in flea medications or in other flea control products that can really bring about seizures in dogs. To prevent seizures from affecting your dog from Ivermectin, look for flea control products or flea medications that do not contain any Ivermectin.

Warning in Using Flea Control Products

Dogs that are already prone to dog seizures even without using flea products that contain Ivermectin will be best for owners not to use flea control products. Dogs that are already prone to dog seizures because of hypoglycemia can suffer from dog seizures with other chemicals found in flea control products aside from Ivermectin. There are also certain dog breeds that are more prone to dog seizures caused by Ivermectin. Collies, when compared to other dog breeds are quite sensitive to Ivermectin.

How to Prevent Dog Seizures

It will be best for dog owners to discuss with the veterinarian on specific flea prevention products that are safe to use in dogs. Veterinarians will most likely opt for the usage of all natural flea repellent products. And to further prevent dog seizures and keep your dogs safe, as much as possible, do not get your dog exposed to lawn chemicals and other household cleaning products that are containing numerous chemicals. Limiting dogs’ exposure to harmful chemicals will not only prevent dog seizures, but it can also help in maintaining overall health of your dogs.

Other Chemicals That Can Cause Dog Seizures

Aside from Ivermectin that can cause dog seizures, there are still other chemicals found in flea prevention products that can cause dog seizures. These chemicals include Pyriproxyfen, Midacloprid, Methoprene, Fipronil, and Premethrin. These chemicals are not only dangerours to dogs, these chemicals are also dangerous to human beings.

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