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Dog Seizure Medications

Not all dogs suffer from similar symptoms, symptoms of dog seizures will greatly vary from one dog to another dog. There are some dogs who will just merely twitch a limb, and some other dogs may fall down to the ground, become unconscious and suffer from whole body spasms. For owners who can witness their dogs having a seizure for the first time can be very traumatic. There are medications that can be used to help in treating dog seizures. Medications will greatly depend on the causative factor of the seizure. Dog seizures can be caused by caffeine poisoning, rat poisoning, neurological disorders such as epilepsy, and many more.

Caffeine Poisoning in Dogs

Dog Seizure Medications

Not all dog owners are aware on how dangerous it is for dogs to be fed with chocolates. Chocolates are very rich in theobromine and caffeine and both substances are very poisonous and lethal to dogs. Theobromine can be more lethal than caffeine, making chocolates to be a very big no no for dogs. Sodas, coffee, tea, and other caffeinated beverages should also not be given in dogs. Caffeine poisoning can cause seizure and hyperactivity. To treat caffeine poisoning, the dog needs to be induced to vomit, then brought to the vet right away. To treat the seizure, diazepam will most likely be given.

Rat Poisoning in Dogs

One symptom of rat poisoning in dogs is dog seizures. If it has been proven that a certain dog is suffering from rat poisoning, veterinarians will usually administer activated charcoal to help in absorbing the poison from the system, and if there will be seizures, diazepam and/or Phenobarbital. Diazepam or Phenobarbital will be administered intravenously for it to effect faster. Aside from seizures, other symptoms of rat poisoning in dogs include problems in coordination and extreme fear.

Epilepsy in Dogs

If the seizures your dog is suffering from is epileptic-seizures, then most probably, the vet will give your dog barbiturate Phenobarbital and potassium bromine. Potassium bromine is an anti-seizure medication. Both medications are usually given together to effectively treat or lessen the number of seizure episodes. If both barbiturate Phenobarbital and potassium bromine will not be effective, the vet will then try to give diazepam and other medications from the diazepam family. Epilepsy may not be treated totally, but giving medications can help in reducing the number of seizure episodes that can really be beneficial for both the dog and the dog owner.

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