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Diseases That May Cause Grand Mal Seizures In Dogs

Pets & Grand Mal Seizures

Grand mal seizures have become quite a common threat in most dogs. They are not able to sustain it and sometimes it may lead to death. It is very necessary that you understand the causes and symptoms which causes seizures in them as that can help you to save your loved dog. Seizure is often described as the inept firing of the neurons that usually takes place in the cerebrum which is located in the brain. The main cause has yet not been found as why such grand mal seizures happen but they are often classified as similar to human seizure disorder but not identical.

Canine Distemper Disease Is A Most Common Cause For Grand Mal Seizure In Pets

Causes Of Grand Mal Seizures In Dogs

Often it has been found out that the neurotransmitters sometimes do not produce proper chemical balance and that causes imbalance in the functioning of the cerebrum which leads to grand mal seizure in your dog. The main following causes are mainly responsible for such an imbalance.

  • Defects in the neuron system from birth often known as congenital defects
  • The level of blood glucose either too excessive or too low
  • Anemia, it is responsible for producing low oxygen level in the dog’s body system
  • Kidney and liver diseases
  • Canine distemper is also one of the most common causes for grand mal seizure in pets.
  • Brain tumors

These are some common diseases or disorders that are often associated for the cause of grand mal seizures attacks in dogs.

Grand Mal Seizures Have Adverse Effect On Whole Body Of A Dog

Generalized seizure or grand mal seizures often affects the whole body. When a dog experiences this type of seizure attack they often falls to their side and they lose control of their muscles such as kicking of their legs. They often produce excessive amount of saliva and they also lose their control over urination and often defecates. The worst scenario is when a dog experiences two grand mal seizure attacks simultaneously and as they are not able to recover from the first they have long seizure duration for approximately one or two hours falling under the category of “Status Epilepticus”.

Phases Of Seizure In Dogs

As compared to humans dogs also have three phases of seizure. They are:-

  • Aura – This is also known as pre-seizure phase. The symptoms that a dog shows at this phase are restlessness, seek affection and salivate in excessiveness.
  • Ictus –When this stage occur dogs often urinates irregularly, starts vomiting, may run in circles and may sometimes suddenly collapse in the floor.
  • Post-Ictal phase –This is the final stage after aura and ictus. In this dog may look a bit disoriented and awkward. This may resist for few hours or even days.

Grand Mal Seizures May Causes Dog To Lose Their Consciousness

This often causes dog to lose their consciousness and they would feel more urge for comfort. It’s always beneficial to comfort your dogs as soon as they recover from the attack. Also don’t leave them alone, it’s always good that you’d be with them during this difficult time.

Always Seek Assistance Of A Veterinarian

When you notice any such kind of behavior in your dog, always seek assistance of a veterinarian. Usually they conduct a physical and neurological checkup of your dog. If they show symptoms of a grand mal seizures, they can advise you what precautions you need to take and how seek help upon emergency. There are no tests as to find the exact possible cause of seizure but certain observations and symptoms have helped to create some specific medicines that can help in its cure or recovery.

Grand Mal Seizures Information & Tips

The best and best way you can actually help your self get ready and deal with grand mal seizures is simply by examining and understanding much more about them. So take a look at more written content on our grand mal seizures site.

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