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Can Petit Mal Seizure Lead to Crime?

Can Petit Mal Seizure Lead to Crime?

I saw a story in the news from Marietta about petit mal seizure where the police charged a 24 year old man for crashing his car and fleeing the scene of the crime. Naturally this is a serious charge, but the interesting part is that the person says that he can not remember anything because he had a seizure.

Actually, he said that he had a grand mal seizure, but he did not have any seizures for the past 3 years and prior to this he had a petit mal seizure when he was in high school, another ten years prior to that. In each of the cases he took medication and supposedly had no more seizures.

So here is an interesting case, because naturally you are not allowed to drive if you have seizures but you are allowed to drive if those seizures have stopped happening, usually a year of seizure free experience.

However, it is especially interesting due to the fact that if it is discovered that a person who has had a seizure is prone to having more seizures in general then perhaps it is not safe at all for people to drive. So would be great to see some kind of statistics on how often such cases occur of people who stopped having seizures and all of a sudden, after a number of years again experience a seizure.

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