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How to “Get Over” The First Grand Mal Seizures?

1st Grand Mal Seizures of Your Child

This was an interesting conversation I found on the internet about getting over your first grand mal seizures experience of your own child and I wanted to share that with you.

Grand Mal Seizures Question Raised by Lisa

So far my daughter has had lots and lots of myoclonic seizures (one or two each night for 3 consecutive months), which led to the first grand mal seizures in September. She is the medication that has worked hard, but I still can not “over” and I’m so scared every night going to happen again. She only has / had them at night while she sleeps. That night, repeated over and over in my head. Ah! Please help me! I need some advice on how to be good, faithful and strong.

Answers of Various People Relating To This Grand Mal Seizures Issue

I can totally relate! I am a special education teacher and an EMT, but the first time I witnessed my daughter having a seizure, fell out! I had a lot of “experience”, but when it comes to his own son, just different. My daughter is grown and married, and I still worry about it – especially when she is driving. I do a lot of praying, but I do not know if I ever “get over” the experience of the first crisis. As far as the doctors do not listen, I write down all my worries and questions, the hand of the paper doctor when I enter the room, and say that I hope answers written before I leave!

My daughter had her first in just over two years was not during the day and sleep was the scariest thing I had ever seen and even as a mother who has seizures was very frightened not sure if you put it bed and have a certainty that she is sleeping on your side nothing around to suffocate and put a baby monitor in her room I know it’s hard to keep children at a point when they are sleeping, but see if that helps relieve some stress for u is a very difficult thing to deal with, but have no fear u will get through it.

My son is only 2 years old and just had his first grand mal seizures. I’m at a loss. I spent the night sleeping poorly and watch it every time he moved. I do not know how to overcome it. Then again this is my first experience with it. I’m at a loss.

I do not think you’ll never overcome the first seizure, regardless of what kind it is. My daughter has had seizures since she was 3 weeks old. She is now 8 months and I still have nightmares from time to time about what she had seizures in the hospital while trying to figure out your meds for your endocrine disorder. The only advice I can give is that your daughter probably does not even know what is happening. I agree it is much worse for the observation of parents.

grand mal seizures

I do not know if this is useful. I am an adult with epilepsy. I had tonic clonic seizures for several years, even when I was pregnant. It was not always pleasant, but it never stopped me from doing anything I wanted to do. When people thought I could not do anything, I was able to prove them wrong. I know it scared my mother several times and others. My family and husband (especially he) never let me use my grand mal seizures as an excuse, but always supported me. When my children were little, we had to modify some things to protect them and me. Seeing a seizure is one of the scariest things a parent can see a girl go. As a person who experienced them, I never understood the problem. Try them and see them are different for me. So what is scary to you, your daughter may not even notice if it is a seizure in his sleep. I did this and if my husband had not told me I had a seizure, I just woke up feeling very tired. His daughter knowing that she has your support will make all the difference. My advice to take precautions that you need, but to encourage it to be as “normal” as possible. Its ok to break worry. I have a child with special needs and two normal children and I worry all the time for all of them.

I do not think you ever get over it. I am strong and in control, while my daughter is having a seizure and does everything I’m supposed to do and once that is over I just broke. It just breaks my heart every time it happens, but it is my main concern, then I have to release.

Thank you! It seems that doctors do not even hear what you say to them. I almost feel like I have to beg to hear. Hopefully this new drug will work. He is more like himself so far. I think it has to overcome my fear. I’ll look into getting one of these monitors.

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