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What Are Silent Seizures?

‘Silent seizures’ are a kind of seizures that are difficult to find out due to their restrained symptoms. On the other hand, ‘Grand Mal Seizures’ are considered as violent because they can be noticed easily. In general, seizures happen when electric signals in the brain acts up for a short time. These are an uncontrolled activity of the brain and the sufferers may go blank for a while, losing touch with their surroundings and activities. Though, these are not very dangerous, but as linked to the brain there are certain risks involved such as traffic accidents that could lead to severe injuries. Some of the main aspects that can help you in understanding about silent seizures are –

Factors to Consider about Silent Seizures

Time Period

Silent seizures generally occurs for a few seconds. The person who is affected by these seizures are not aware that the problem is approaching and once it is over there is no any lasting effect. A person can become again active after the seizure without taking much time.


Silent Seizures

Individuals who are suffering from these seizures lose activeness and consciousness to some extent. For that it feels like they are dreaming or lost in some other world. Moreover, they typically start interacting again in a normal manner and do not feel like if anything has happened.


There are also many misconceptions regarding these seizures. As per the reports of the Epilepsy Foundation, these silent seizures are often confounded with complex partial seizures, resulting complications in the treatment. Generally, the Complex Partial Seizures are not alike in that an aura leads them and the duration is quite long.


When it comes to the effects of the seizures (Silent), they are not hazardous. Though, the sufferer might face difficulty in learning because it affects the brain part during each seizure. Apart from having problems in learning, a sufferer might face problems in memorizing things as well.


When you notice the first signs of seizures, rather than ignoring consult a good physician. Though, many people claim that there are many medications available for this problem, but the most effective one is with anti-epileptic medications. These medications are quite effective and lead to good results.

Seizures are one of the most complicated issues that affect the brain and getting it treated from a good physician is very crucial. No matter of sex and age, seizures can occur to anyone. Though, the most important part of your body gets affected so it is wise to take it seriously. Whether you are an adult suffering from any kind of seizure or you have found nocturnal seizures in children, expert advice and treatment is always beneficial.

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