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What Are The Initial Symptoms of a Diabetic Seizure

Understanding seizure symptoms are very important to get treatment on time. A diabetic Seizure is a result of low blood sugar or high blood sugar. A person may receive some mixed signals from the brain cells that cause seizures, which is quite alike that are the result of some high fever or head injury. These seizures are very dangerous as they may lead to convulsion, coma or even death, if not treated on time. Certainly, it is important to understand the symptoms that can help you in analyzing if you are having diabetic seizures or not.

Diabetic Seizure Symptoms

There are two kinds of symptoms, you may observe of Diabetic Seizure. Initial Signs and Severe Diabetic Seizure symptoms.

Diabetic seizure

Initial Signs of Diabetic Seizures

The initial signs of diabetic seizures are:

  • Sweating, feeling cold or clammy
  • Shakiness
  • Feeling faint, sleepy or confused
  • Feeling anxious and mood change
  • Muscle weakness or a loss of muscle control
  • Loss of ability to speak clearly
  • Changes in vision
  • Hallucinate
  • Unaware of your surroundings and feeling huger
  • Cry without control or have other mysterious emotional behaviors.

Severe Symptoms

If the initial signs of the diabetic Seizures are not treated, then it becomes worse. The symptoms of severe diabetic Seizures are:

  • Become unconscious
  • Fall and have spasm that results in muscles contradictions unwillingly, making the body jerk and move without control.  This can be either mild or severe.
  • Patients may also emerge to be in an abstraction and unable to react, with staring into space or eyes blinking quickly.
  • Feel repellent
  • Morning Headaches
  • Damp sheets due to sweating
  • High Blood Sugar

Considering its time frame, the mild one lasts for a few minutes, whereas the serve stay along till the medical aid. The symptoms of both these kinds vary, so it is important to understand your medical condition and get it checked instantly by an expert physician. He will tell you precisely about the kinds of seizure you are having and offer you the best treatment accordingly.

Keep Your Blood Sugar Levels stable

Diabetic Seizures are a serious health problem. It is important to get preventive measure as soon as one comes to know that he/she is suffering from Diabetic Seizures. Ignoring may lead to serve conditions which are not good for one’s life. The physician will test the blood of the patient with a glucose meter and analyze if you are suffering from high blood pressure or low blood pressure. Undoubtedly, Seizure is a serious medical condition that has many negative effects on your health. Seizure and memory loss are connected to each other and proves that seizure affect the working of the brain to a large extent.

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