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Memory Difficulties in People with Epilepsy

Seizures and memory loss are interconnected to each other. Loss of memory is a common aspect that is suffered by a person who is suffering from any kind of seizure.  Whether it is generalized seizure or focal, both affect the brain of a person. Where generalized affect the whole brain, the focal affect only some part of the brain. There are different kinds through which memory can be affected, resulting unable to recall some memories when you think about them.

Halves Of The Brain, Causing Memory Loss

Memory Can Be One of the Key Issues That Affects People with Epilepsy

As mentioned below, there are major two types of seizures that influence the brain to a large extent. These types are generalized and focal. Seizures and memory loss depends on the kind and amount of seizure one is suffering. Some people suffer from generalized, some from focal and some are from both of them. Basically, the brain has two different halves, known as hemispheres. Each of these halves has four parts known as lobes. These are parietal, frontal, occipital and frontal lobes. Generally, the abnormalities in the frontal lobes and temporal can affect the memory of people suffering from Epilepsy.

Effect On Brain Due To Right, Frontal And Left Temporal Lobes

The right temporal lobe of the brain is crucial for analyzing visual memories such as a person’s face, features, finding a way and so forth. The Frontal lobes is responsible for probable memory and the seizure occur in this area can source problems in recalling things to be carried out in the future. The left temporal lobes play a vital role for verbal memories such as recalling names, exam studies etc. Moreover, with this kind, a person finds problem in remembering names, words and get stuck while saying any sentence or phrase.

How Seizure And Memory Loss Are Interconnected?

Memory is a natural procedure that needs a regular attention of the brain. Seizure obstructs the memory by snooping with the contribution of information or concentration. A seizure is always followed by the confusion and at such time new memories are not able to lie down in the brain. The kind of seizures such as grand mal (Tonic-clonic) results in loses consciousness and short term memory loss. Sometimes, people lost the long term memories as well because such memories are not completely integrated into the memory system of the brain. If it is status epilepticus, which is a prolonged and severe condition, then the person may experience hypoxia, causing secondary brain damage.

Consult A Good Physician

It is a fact that seizure can affect memory functioning because the brain needs self-monitoring to work regularly. This self-monitoring is affected by the seizures, resulting in memory loss. Though, there are also some anti-epileptic medications that can affect the memories and the brain. But for this reason, one should not stop the medication, but consulting a good physician is a wise decision. The physician will precisely suggest you the best ways to recall memories and a proper epilepsy diet that could help you in fast recovery.

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