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Myths and Facts about Seizures

Seizures in children and adults are a common disorder and it is important to understand what it is actually. Though, this is not a disease, but symptoms that affect the functioning of the brain. There are some seizures that can be noticed easily, while some are completely disabled. In simple words, Seizure is an unexpected surge of electrical activity occurring in the brain that affects the activity a person he acts or feels for a short span of time.

Seizures may be linked to some family tendency or brain injury, but the main reasons are completely unaware. Epilepsy symptom does not specify anything about the reason or severity of the person’s seizures.

Myths and Facts about Seizures

Women with Seizure Condition

Myth – Seizure is a kind of spiritual possession

Fact – A medical condition which is a brain disorder

Myth – Seizure is contagious

Fact – Cannot be caught by coming into contact who is suffering from seizures

Myth – Seizure is a genetic disorder only

Fact – Though, genetics plays a vital role in any kind of illness, but seizure can also cause due to several other reasons as well.

Myth – Seizure affects intelligence

Fact – Does not affect intelligence as seizure sufferers have the same level of intelligence like non-sufferers.

Myth – there is just a single kind of seizure – A convulsion

Fact – There are about more than forty different kinds of seizures and convulsion is not very common. The different kinds alter consciousness, sensation change, blank stare and involuntary movement.

Myth – In seizure, the sufferer can swallow his tongue

Fact – swallowing tongue is completely a myth in seizure and nothing could even enter into mouth as well.

Myth – Seizure hurts

Fact – during the seizure, the person is unconscious, which means there is no pain involved in it. However, afterwards, a sufferer experiences discomfort due to bite tongue, muscle aches and sudden fall.

Myth – Women with Seizure cannot conceive

Fact – women sufferers of seizures can give birth to healthy and normal babies. Though, there are a few risks involved, but that can also be diminished by consulting and keeping in touch with obstetrician and neurologist.

Seizure Symptoms

The kind of seizures and its symptoms depend on where the activity of abnormal electrical takes places inside the brain, including age of the patient, his/her health condition and so on. There are different seizure symptoms such as infectious fevers, illnesses, brain tumors, brain mal development and lead poisoning. Basically, there are two kinds of seizures – partial and generalized.  The generalized seizures are generated by electrical impulses from the complete brain.  The partial are generated by the electrical impulses in the small part of the brain.

Diagnosing seizure can be quite difficult. Today, not only in adults, but seizures in children have become quite common, so whenever you are finding any of its symptoms, make sure to consult a physician as soon as possible.

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