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Understanding Grand Mal Seizures And Associated Injuries

Grand Mal Seizures, Accidents & More

Generalized seizures are mainly characterized by two types of seizures that are tonic-clonic also known as grand mal seizures and absence seizure or petit mal seizures. Grand mal seizures occur when there is a contract of all muscles of the entire body of a person. It is usually observed through jerks and convulsion shown by the patient. A foam can be formed in the mouth and its often followed by uncommon noises and the person starts moaning and lose his control over bladder. The duration of this attack is usually less than a minute and often patient falls to sleep after the attack which is known as the post-ictal phase.

Epilepsy And Grand Mal Seizures

Whenever you think about epilepsy, you always think of it as a singular seizure disorder. This is not true; epilepsy is a group of seizure disorders. When grand mal seizures becomes chronic and gets repetitive in a patient it tends to gives rise to epilepsy. Epilepsy is dangerous and difficult to cure but it’s not the case with generalized seizures. Head trauma is one of the most significant causes that lead to epilepsy and seizures. Most often it develops wounds which become very difficult to treat and henceforth leads to surgery. However, surgery is the last option for treating seizures.

Grand Mal Seizures In Adults Are Mainly Idiopathic

Grand Mal Seizures In Adults Are Mostly Idiopathic

Grand mal seizures are also called idiopathic seizure as they show no definite cause for their occurrence. Most of the generalized seizure that occurs in adults is idiopathic. However, some patients may have a family history of seizures. In adults, grand mal seizures can also be caused due to microscopic brain lesions that are significant at birth or mainly occurred from brain trauma. They can also convoy many other disorders with them too like viral infections, diabetes, cerebral tuberculosis, tumors and meningitis. They mainly occurs as a single episode and most likely males above the age of 60 have more chances of getting it as compared to females. Seizures can be very difficult to fight but proper treatment can always help in overcoming them. Make sure that you follow a regular and proper treatment. Long-term prognosis is very vital and withdrawl of medicines should be done upon proper instruction from your doctor and after necessary medical check-up.

During Seizure Attack Patient May Have Serious Injuries

Injuries That Can Occur During Grand Mal Seizure Attack

There are only few cases where grand mal seizures alone can be the reason for death of patient. Although, grand mal seizure if occurred while driving a car or swimming than it could be the reason and can prompt a fatal accident. There are cases where a patient can have constant seizure attacks which degrade the quality of life. Tongue biting, head injuries and fractures are common injuries that can happen during a grand mal seizure attack. When a person undergoes seizure attack he/she may choke and there are frequent chances of brain damage due to lack of oxygen in the body.

You Can Have A Seizure-Free Life

Grand mal seizure can be controlled and person suffering with it can become seizure-free. With proper treatment at the initial stages you can live a normal life. If you show a good control over seizure through the use of minimum anti-epileptic drugs and your EEG comes normal between seizures and you have no history of seizure in the past then you have a much better case of grand mal seizures and you have more chances to eventually get rid of it. You can live a normal life and can be allowed to take active participation in work and sports.

Grand Mal Seizures Information & Advice

The most effective and best way you can actually help yourself be prepared and live with grand mal seizures is simply by browsing and understanding a lot more about them. So take a look at more publications on our grand mal seizures web pages.

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