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Can Anyone Suffering From A Seizures Disorder Have A Normal Life When Treated?

Seizures are yet difficult to understand but due to the improvement in medical sciences there have been significant procedures to heal it. Our brain’s nerve cells communicate with each other by transferring tiny electric signals. When these signals are not transmitted in the usual manner because of rigid changes in the nerve cells it leads to malfunctioning henceforth seizures are impacted on certain parts.

Does It Affect On The Whole?

When Seizure Is Not Prevented From Growth At The Initial Stages, It Can Hamper Your Whole Brain

There are many myths that once you developed a seizure, it tends to attack every neuron of your brain. But it’s not the acute part that people know. Actually, it can be cured on that very first significant growth. Sometimes, when it’s not prevented from growth at the initial stages, it can hamper your whole brain, which is known as generalized seizure. This causes unconsciousness and it’s really a dangerous symptom causing death in most cases or permanent unconsciousness.

Types Of Seizure

There are certain parameters or symptoms through which this classification is described.

  • Tonic Clonic Or Grand Mal Seizures – Patient suffers from temporary unconsciousness and often falls to the ground due to rigidness and lack of proper electric current flow from one nerve to another. It might sometimes become more intense but both these involve semi-consciousness to the patient, so he still survives

    Different Brain Waves And Seizures

    the attack.

  • Absence Or Petit Mal Seizures – When there is an absence seizure, there is only a fragment of unconsciousness. It can be survived by the patient. In this type, person tends to forget or just take a pause from the activities. For example, when a person is giving lecture in class and suffers from absence seizure, he might become unconscious for few seconds but can manage it without falling or any harm to body. It is negligible and person might not even notice it.

Epilepsy is yet another form of seizure. During the childhood when a child suffers from such a rhythmic pattern of unconscious attacks it is often known as petit mal seizure. It is repetitive in nature and it especially occurs in the age group of 5 and 15 years.

How Can You Detect Seizures Attack?

Children often suffer from such attacks. They can be monitored through following points to remember:-

  • Sudden stop of the work child is doing.
  • Frequent movement of the eyelids.
  • Irregular movement of arm or leg.
  • Memory loss of the current work he/she was performing.
  • Lesser paying attention.

These are quite the common occurrences which occur due to repeated unconsciousness of mind. Often it is followed by less concentration or day dreaming.

Potential Causes Of Seizures

There are various potential cause of seizures. The major one that happens is epilepsy. It is a nervous system disorder that provokes seizures. Apart from epilepsy, seizures can be a symptom arising out of other health problems such as:

  • Uncontrolled fever.
  • Low blood sugar level in the body, especially in a person who is diabetic.
  • Any internal or external damage to the brain from a stroke, head injury or brain surgery.
  • Congenital problems such as tuberous sclerosis and neurofibromatosis.
  • Sudden withdrawal from prescribed medicines, alcohol or illicit drugs.
  • Infection such as  meningoencephalitis
  • Tumor in the frontal lobe or any structural defect present in the brain, such as aneurysms of the circle of Willis in the brain.
  • Tapeworm parasitic infection
  • Lack of oxygen during or after birth
  • Metabolism disorders

What Measure To Take After Knowing The Attacks?

It is advised to take the child to the doctor. Give doctor a full knowledge on the different behaviors that you may have noticed. Also advised don’t forget to discuss about any previous medical history. If you have any medical history in your family who is also suffering from the same, do inform about it too. Generally, doctors try to investigate it by performing EEG, which monitors the electrical signals in the brain. The best advice could be that don’t delay on the treatment, it is very necessary indeed.

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