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What Can Bystanders Do To Help Patients With Grand Mal Seizures Attack?

Whitnessing Grand Mal Seizures

Generalized tonic-clonic seizures or grand mal seizures are the type of seizure that involves muscle contractions, rigidity of the muscles and loss of consciousness. These seizures often are the result from the abnormal electric activity that takes place in the brain. It usually affects the whole body and its tendency is not fixed, it can happen once or multiple times. They usually follow a set of similar symptoms and are recognizable. They often start with an aura causing hallucinations and then often leads to a loss of consciousness and contraction of all the muscles known as tonic phase and finally have muscle spasms in the clonic phase. It usually last for short duration but can also be for several minutes.

Grand Mal Seizure Attack Can Happen All Of A Sudden

Amnesia And Grand Mal Seizures

People often recover from grand mal seizure with a feeling of slight confusion and they feel weakness and tiredness in their body. Often grand mal seizure is noticeable by amnesia, a state where you suffer from a memory loss. The person undergone seizure attack does not remember as to what all happened. Seizure usually does not causes any injury itself but there are always chances of getting hurt during the seizure attack. So it’s always a necessity to have someone around with a person suffering with a seizure problem. Grand mal seizures are generally can be treated by using medications and surgery. Although, if you had only one grand mal seizure attack, it may require a treatment however it becomes necessary that you have a proper check-up with your doctor to have necessary medicines.

Bystanders During Grand Mal Seizures Can Help In Proper Treatment Of The Patient

Grand mal seizures may usually last for few minutes which sometimes are not sufficient time to call for a medical emergency. After the seizure, the patient may remain in acute unconsciousness for a short period after the seizure attack. It is very important if you have witnessed the seizure attack to take note of what emerged during the seizure. This could help the doctor to evaluate properly and give the proper diagnosis and treatment. Details of the seizure attack and how and what happened during the attack is very crucial to note down as the patient itself have no memory of it.

Numbness Of The Fingers Often A After Effect Of Grand Mal Seizures

Numbness And Sensation Of Fear After Grand Mal Seizures Attack

Grand mal seizure attack can bring involuntary changes in the movement of the body. They may also show some changes in the body functions and behavior.  It usually stops after sometime as discussed above but sometimes and in very acute conditions patient may undergo epilepticus, where he/she can have continuous seizure and does not stop itself unless and until some sort of intervention is there. Patient may also experience numbness of some part of the body and can have sensation of fear. For a large number of people who had seizure attack have an intense feeling of fatigue and often they wake up for few minutes and then again fall asleep.

Meningitis Can Also Provoke Grand Mal Seizures

Grand mal seizure can also be caused by meningitis. It is a sort of inflammation that protects the brain and the spinal cord. Change in the electric activity that causes seizures can also because of low level of magnesium and calcium. Stroke is also one of the main causes that can inhibit grand mal seizure attack. So it’s always advised to take proper care of your health and take proper precautions to handle your seizure problems effectively and efficiently.

Grand Mal Seizures Guidance & Suggestions

The most effective and only way you can actually help yourself prepare and live with grand mal seizures is through studying and discovering more about them. So investigate more material on our grand mal seizures web pages.

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