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Having a Vaginal Discharge or Spotting Following Grand Mal Seizures

Spotting & Grand Mal Seizures

Some people may notice a blood mark on their underwear anytime after having grand mal seizures. This can be a frightening thing to discover, but actually it is not that abnormal, so as long as there is regular reoccurrence and it is just spotting there is no reason to get seriously alarmed.

Everyone’s Grand Mal Seizures are Sort of Unique

However, this would not happen to everyone and since various people have partly common but otherwise different specificities, what one person sees and experiences after their grand mal seizures will not be exactly or even remotely the same as another.

spotting can happen following grand mal seizures

Actually both during and after grand mal seizures a lot of seemingly unrelated and strange things can happen and it is also true that various accidents which involve the head (brain) can result in having grand mal seizures like we saw in the previous article.

So if something like spotting happened to you following your seizure then what you want to do is keep an eye on this and if something similar repeats the 2nd time, without any other reason for it to happen, then you should be going to get checked up with your doctor.

Grand Mal Seizures Resources & Suggestions

The most beneficial and only way you will be able help you and your family be prepared and live with grand mal seizures is through reading and discovering a lot more about them. So investigate more written content on our grand mal seizures website.

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  1. I am glad to find this article, I also had vaginal discharge after my grand mal seizure and I thought it was something only happening to me.

    • Me too!!!

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