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An Issue in 2 Brain Areas Can Trigger Petit Mal Seizures

cerebral cortex and the thalamus

In August 2011, researchers working at the Stanford University School of Medicine have been able to identify a defect in the brain which triggers petit mal seizures (also known as absence seizures).

The researchers showed that if there is a problem or a defect in the communication between cerebral cortex and the thalamus (two parts of the brain) then there is a loss of consciousness and a brain state which looks very much like the petit mal seizure state. (The experiment was done on mice)

This discovery, although not revolutionary by itself, makes a great progress step towards understanding the true origins and workings of the seizures.

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  1. Wow this is absolutely amaizing to pin point the source of seizures to such communication problem within the brain, thanks for sharing.
    I hope they also research how to fix that.

  2. very interesting research on the brain connection and seizures

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