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Emotional Impact Of Petit Mal Seizures On Teens

Absence seizures also formerly known as petit mal seizures are characterized by sudden blankness of the patient. This type of condition becomes very irritable if the patient is sitting in a public place or is attending a very important meeting, class or a conversation. Seizure usually lasts for 10-15 seconds but the opponent will instantly catch something wrong is going with you. You cannot hide these seizures from anyone especially from those with whom you interact frequently. Sometimes it is observed that people behave very weirdly to the patient. They might become very cautious when they meet with the patient or in worse cases they think that this is something dangerous for them as well.

Teenagers And Society

From constant studies it is found that teens feel special behavior very intensely. They are really irritated if someone tries to sympathize with them or constantly try to pity them. Most of the teens feel that if someone knew about their absence epilepsy or petit mal seizures they will make fun of them. As a result they try to hide their condition from ordinary people as long as they can. However all such effort goes in vain and sooner or later everyone knows what’s going on.

Emotional Impact Of Patit Mal Seizures On Teens

Most of the teens fall in relationships and the worst fear they face at that time is what will happen if boyfriend/girlfriend knew about petit mal. It is also observed that in case of girls, seizures occur frequently as soon as her periods start. Although the reason of this sudden increase in
seizures is still unknown, teenage girls are under great stress at that time.

Absence Or Petit mal Seizures In Teens And Role Of Parents

Parents play very important role in a person’s life especially in the conditions when the kid is suffering from a disorder. Most of the parents treat their teens in a different way if they are suffering from petit mal seizures. They are always worried about their kids and are always uncertain of the safety of their kids. As a result they behave strictly to the teens and teens counter behave very stubbornly to the unfair behavior of their parents. They do not allow them driving, no swimming and no late night outings. Neither have they allowed them to interact socially nor allow love relationships but not to mention teens never follow their orders.

What To Do?

It is very necessary that you must understand the situation. Effort is required from teen themselves and also from their parents. Here are suggestions that might help both of you.

For Parents

  • Understand feelings of your kid – There are hormonal changes as well as some disturbance due to petit mal. You have to cope with the situation as strictly as you deal with any other enemy of your kid.
  • Listen To Teenagers And Cooperate With Them For Their Petit Mal Seizure

    Seek professional help – Have a check if the nurse or doctor is friendly to your teen or they are behaving just professionally. It is good if there is a level of good understanding between your kid and his doctor this will help your kid to discuss his/her problem more openly.

  • Never ever put unjust restrictions on movement and life of your teen, this will arouse him to rebellion.
  • Encourage your teen to tell his close friends, boy friend/girlfriend about petit mal seizure. In this way he/she will feel more relaxed and content in the company, also his friends will be able to help him at the time of need.

For Teens

  • This is not something alien or a special ailment associated just with your name, there are hundreds and thousands of people suffering from this problem. Do not worry and fight the battle; at the end you’ll win against this evil.
  • You should share your problem with your friends, swimming coach and with your boyfriend/girl friend. Believe me no one is going to run away from you, they love you and they will help you when needed.
  • Talk frequently with your doctor and nurse and share if you feel something special or strange.
  • Lastly a good news, there are chances that petit mal seizures also known as absence seizures might seize and at last vanish with the passage of time.

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