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No More Ignorant Superstitions| Petit Mal Seizure Is A Purely Physical Phenomenon

Petit mal seizure is a brief distraction in the brain. Tendency of such kind is usually inherited. Petit mal seizure can be seen in three phases: a sudden vacant expression like someone is daydreaming, the akinetic seizure (stopping any motor activity) and myoclonic jerk (muscle contraction and relaxation). These seizures are so brief that sometimes they do not even come in to notice. The person flutters his eyes and gives you expressions like he or she is daydreaming. Usually they themselves are unaware that they are having a seizure. This usually occurs to children and in very rare cases to anyone over age of 20.

Medication Used For Seizure Gives Dizziness, Sleepiness and Double Vision

Medications And Side Effects

Modern drugs and medications are quite effective in controlling seizures of any kind. A timely medication may give results like a seizure free life. Earlier, carbatrol and phenobarbital were used to provide reasonable control but they are now replaced with new drugs like lamictal, neurontin and zonegran. As there are side effects of any medicine, the medication used for seizure also gives dizziness and drowsiness to the patient. The most daunting side effects of such drugs have been seen in those children whose mothers were prescribed with carbatrol during pregnancy. However, this is only 6 to 7 percent.

Ignorant Superstitions Related With Petit Mal Seizure

Due to lack of awareness seizures are lined with old superstitions and the patients of seizures are deprived to live normal life. Especially in developing courtiers like Nepal, Cameroon, Somalia and some rural part of India, petit mal seizure has still been not accepted as a physical problem rather the patient is given a treatment as he or she is possessed by an evil spirit. These treatments include beating and starving which is painful and humiliating. However, human rights and other non-profit organizations are working hard against it and are trying their best to spread the knowledge among the tribes. Seizures of any kind are purely physical problem and treatment of such physical problem has been there in modern medical science for ages.

Support Group Working For Petit Mal Seizures Offers Consultation And Cure To The Patient

The Children’s Seizure Support Group

There are a lot of groups working for epilepsy and they provide free consultation and support to fight epilepsy of any length. They are ready with a lot of literature to spread knowledge in the society. If in any case you are not able to reach up to those support groups you can even get enough idea through wide world of web. It is full of information about petit mal seizure, tonic-clonic (grand mal) and partial seizures. If anyone near you has seizure, provide your support and offer some knowledge to them.

No More Misconceptions It Is Straightforward A Physical Problem

Most children with petit mal seizure can live a normal life. They are restricted with some school activities and when they grow-up restriction shifts on to driving and use of heavy machinery. Years back, seizures were considered as a mental problem and the patients were given the same maltreatment in the society as was given to that unfortunate group of people. Before that, seizures were regarded as attacks of an evil spirit. But, with efforts of some healthy minds these misconceptions have taken a back seat and now seizures are believed to be a purely physical phenomenon and get the treatment accordingly.

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