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Can A Tumor On The Frontal Lobe Cause A Grand Mal Seizure

Does A Person Experience A Headache Or Grand Mal Seizures Due To Brain Tumor?

Seizures are closely related with brain tumors especially a person experiences grand mal seizures attacks while undergoing a tumor treatment. A common belief exists that headaches are the first symptom that a person experiences having a tumor but actually it’s the seizure attacks that are more common with tumors. Studies reveal that when a person is having tumor, he/she experiences seizure and other neurological disorders rather than headache. Also, it is very important to acknowledge the fact that every person who suffers with tumor may or may not experience seizure attack; it mainly depends on the location of the tumor in the body.

Grand Mal Seizures Occurring From Temporal Lobe Hampers Patient’s Quality Of Life

People who undergo regular treatments for seizures often are compromised of a quality of life and also their independence. Grand mal seizure can be life threatening and pose many types of serious health disorders. Temporal lobe seizure is one such disorder. It involves unusual disturbances and sensations. It arises because of the abnormal electrical disturbances affecting temporal lobe located in the brain. Temporal lobes are the part of the brain that usually starts from the temples extending your ears. It is quiet pain bearing seizure and also life threatening if not treated at the initial level.

Complex Partial Seizure A Common Occurrence

Lobes Of The Brain

Grand mal seizures experienced from the seizure caused in the temporal lobe is usually very freighting. Patient experiences a lot of pain and requires serious medical attention to help him to recover from the attack. Temporal lobe seizures apart from grand mal seizure attack may also invoke partial and complex partial seizure attacks. Patient who experiences complex partial seizure also experiences grand mal seizure, when a patient experiences grand mal seizure arising out of partial seizure they are known as the secondary generalized seizures and if they are repetitive in nature it leads to epilepsy; the dangerous form of seizures.

More Than 55 Percent Of Brain Tumor Patient Experiences Grand Mal Seizures

Temporal lobe seizure may be caused due to some mishaps like accidents or brain injury. They may also be caused due to birth defects in the temporal lobe area. Another reason for their cause is the tumor or a tiny scar but often the cause remain unidentified. Seizures nowadays are spreading at a much faster pace and there are new drugs to stop them but still a lot of research needs to be done. According to a recent study, it has been revealed that more than 55 percent of brain tumor patient experiences grand mal seizures type of seizure attack sooner or later. Some patient experience only one seizure attack while other may have repetitive seizures.

Aura Symptoms To Help Identify Grand Mal Seizures In Persons Suffering With Temporal Lobe Seizures

Temporal lobe seizure symptoms may be varied but with studies of different patients some common symptoms are identified such as mixture of different thought, flashback of old memories, loss of memory as a patient sometimes not able to identify his own family members. Everything around him/her appears strange. Hallucinations such as hearing different sounds are a common occurrence. These are the common symptom which helps to identify a temporal lobe seizure. It is also common occurrence that such patients experiences grand mal seizures attack, so if you notice such features call for an emergency help.

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