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Can People with Grand Mal Seizures Drive?

For a person to suffer from grand mal seizures, he or she is probably suffering from epilepsy. Grand mal seizures or generalized tonic clonic seizures are seizures that involve involuntary muscle contractions and muscle rigidity that is accompanied by loss of consciousness. Grand mal seizures may happen only once in a lifetime, or it can happen several times, if a person has epilepsy. Grand mal seizures are caused by several different factors, it may be due to an abnormal electrical activity throughout the brain or it may be caused by an underlying medical condition, such as hypoglycemia (low blood glucose level) or even stroke. However, the most common cause why a person experiences grand mal seizures is epilepsy.

Driving with Grand Mal Seizures:

Driving With Grand Mal Seizures Can Be Life-Threatening

Suffering from epilepsy means that a person can go under grand mal seizures or other seizures anytime. However, a person with epilepsy can still drive when given necessary permits and permission that he can drive by his or her doctor. People who are permitted and allowed to drive motor vehicles are the ones that are considered to have controlled epilepsy and grand mal seizures. Doctors and other medical providers will always advise their patients suffering from epilepsy and other seizure disorders to avoid driving until their grand mal seizures and other types of seizures are under reasonable control.

Why is it Dangerous to Drive with Grand Mal Seizures and other Seizure Disorders?

Seizures are usually unpredictable and may occur anytime of the day. Even though most people suffering from seizure disorders can tell if they are about to have a seizure episode through aura, it is still very dangerous for them to drive a car. Seizures that happen while a person is behind the wheel of a moving motor vehicle can really cause vehicular accidents that are life-threatening. Since grand mal seizures can be controlled by medications, such as anticonvulsants, it is still dangerous for a person to drive even with controlled grand mal seizures. Anticonvulsants can cause drowsiness, which makes it dangerous for a person to drive.

Driving Laws for People with Grand Mal Seizures and Other Seizure Disorders:

In every country and state, they have their own laws and restrictions when it comes to driving with seizure disorders. Some places or states may require a physician or doctor to report about the current medical status of his or her patient regarding to seizure activities. Some states may allow people with seizure disorders to drive a vehicle after months or years of being free from grand mal seizures and other types of seizure episodes. grand mal seizures should not be taken for granted, for it can result to life threatening situations.

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