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Don’t Let Grand Mal Seizures Control Your Life

Grand Mal Seizures or Tonic-Clonic Seizure is a type of seizure wherein there is an electrical disturbance in the neurological transmissions in the entire brain. As the electrical disturbance occurs in the entire brain, there will be a sudden loss of consciousness and involuntary severe relaxation and contraction of the muscles in the entire body, which is known medically as grand mal seizures. Grand mal seizures are usually associated with epilepsy (epileptic grand mal seizures), however, grand mal seizures may take place once in a lifetime of a person who is not suffering from epilepsy (non-epileptic grand mal seizures).

Living Life with Grand Mal Seizures

Live a Normal Life with Grand Mal Seizures

There are epileptic medications or anti-seizure medications that are prescribed by doctors to patients with epilepsy or seizure disorders to help managing the condition and controlling seizure attacks. However, taking in anti-seizure medications is not a guarantee to totally prevent future attacks of grand mal seizures and medications can’t provide cure to the seizure disorder. Grand mal seizures should not prevent a person from living a quality of life, as a matter of fact, there are steps that can be taken to ensure quality of life suffering from grand mal seizures or even epilepsy.

Steps to Ensure Quality of Life with Grand Mal Seizures

  1. Keep your doctor updated about your current condition. Your doctor plays a very important role in controlling and managing your grand mal seizures. Your doctor can’t give you the right treatment if you are not going to work with him or her hand-in-hand.
  2. Try to determine triggering factors for your grand mal seizures. If you will be able to determine triggering factors, then you can do your best to avoid situations with those triggering factors to prevent future attacks of grand mal seizures. Most common triggering factors of grand mal seizures include anxiety, stress, fatigue, and/or bright flashes of light.
  3. Usually, before attacks of grand mal seizures, a person can experience an aura. Auras before grand mal seizures can serve as a sign of an impending grand mal seizure. Auras experienced prior to grand mal seizures may include headaches, flashes of light, floaters, and a unique “feeling” that can’t be described. Being able to recognize your aura can help you prepare for the seizure episode, like you can go to place safe from harm. You can prepare yourself by placing yourself down a soft, flat surface, before loss of consciousness happen.

Conclusion in Controlling Grand Mal Seizures

Living a normal life with grand mal seizures will never be impossible, if you will just know what are the right things to do prior, during, and post episodes of grand mal seizures.

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