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Living with Grand Mal Seizures

Knowledge Needed to Minimize Damage of Grand Mal Seizures

When someone mentions the word “seizures” immediately people think of images of shaking out of control in a very disturbing looking way. However, that is not what seizures are all about. This image is in our heads mostly because of the way seizures have been portrayed in the movies. Actually there are many kinds of seizures and the one we just discussed is most often known as Grand Mal Seizures. People, however, can have other types of seizures and never display these signs.

I just wanted to make that clear before delving more deeply into Grand Mal Seizures.

Seizures are actually consequences of vast electrical activity in the brain. This can produce huge issues and form a permanent damage to the brain, which can result in memory loss issues as well as loss of motor control and limitation of intellectual capacity. So people suffering from such seizures have not only the humiliation from having a seizure in front of other people but also knowing that they are subject to potential major life changing brain damage. Naturally, this motivates a great deal in trying to solve the problem as fast as possible.

A Note on Mixing Medications for Grand Mal Seizures

Starting to get into medicines and chemicals is already a big step. There are various anti-epileptic medications which are prescribed in such cases with the aim to control the seizures. As with most other medicine one has to take it a number of times a day (usually 3-4) which must be closely controlled in the case of seizures to have a very accurate amount of the medication. Frequent checkups are also necessary to adjust the level of the medicine as time goes by.

Things Which Are to be Completely Avoided

  • Alcohol
  • Tylenol
  • Vitamin D
  • Other medications without the knowledge of the doctor

The last point there is extremely important as medications can conflict with one another creating possibly terrible consequences, so great care has to be taken not to fall victim of mixing drugs. Special ID bracelets are also worn by the patient to facilitate this issue. Playing with any of these factors can have pretty bad consequences for your grand mal seizures.

Helper or Buddy for Grand Mal Seizures

Living with Grand Mal Seizures is easier with loved ones and close friends

Living with grand mal seizures often involves having a friend for every single activity you like to do. If you go swimming you need a friend to look out for you, if you go to the supermarket, etc. Especially if you would like to drive somewhere this is often completely not allowed even by law so you would need someone to drive you.

Close friends and loved ones can truly make it as safe for you as possible, however it is also true that with all the precautions you can see have:

  • Accidents
  • Crashes
  • Broken bones
  • Even death in rare cases

A little bit of the good news is that you are not the only person suffering from grand mal seizures and there are support groups of friend circles pretty much anywhere on the planet. You can and should make friends, seek advice, best practices from those who are suffering for a long time, etc.

Seizures in Kids

All of the above is naturally a lot more difficult when seizures happen in kids, so it is a huge challenge for parents to both learn themselves about everything relating to grand mal seizures, find a way to confront the issue of their child having this terrible problem and having an extremely close lookout and care for the child supporting both with the medical problem and also with all the social and psychological issues that go with it.

Grand Mal Seizures Information & Suggestions

The best and best way you can help your self be prepared and accept grand mal seizures is simply by checking out and mastering more about them. So check out more written content on our grand mal seizures web pages.

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