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Pre-ictal, Ictal And Post-ictal Phases Of Seizures In Dogs

Pets have been a significant part of human life. Households in United States have the most number of pets because of their loving and caring nature. Dogs have been the most favorite and also you should take special care of them especially their health matters. They are more prone to diseases and seizures are the most common. They are of different kinds and different treatments are there to cure them.

What Is A Seizure?

Whatever the disease is in dogs, you ought to have brief information regarding that, as it helps you to guide for various treatments available. Dogs are also a victim of the seizures and often it becomes very painful for them to suffer from such a disease. Seizure is caused due to the disturbance of the sensory signals processed within the brain.  There is one simple generalized seizure and if it is beyond certain normal than it is often termed as petit mal seizure.

Disturbance Of The Sensory Signals

Effects Of Seizures On Dogs

Dogs may suffer from a very normal generalized seizure which does not do much harm and can be cured easily. A canine can also exhibit different kinds of seizures. When you notice initial extension of limbs and its uncontrolled balance, your pet is generally a victim of grand mal seizure, which is quite complicated and dangerous. Also, when sometimes you notice that your dog loses consciousness and its eyes rolled up in its head, it’s a symptom of petit mal seizures. This type is rare in pets but nowadays it is also becoming quite rapid.

Some dogs also suffer from a partial seizure. As you get from the word partial, it does affect the whole body but certain parts of the body. Often this type in later stages tends to grow rapidly and spreads across the whole body of an animal. A partial seizure often can be noticed by the behavioral actions of dogs. They may run around, become more aggressive and often bite own legs.

Phases Of Seizures In Dogs

There are mainly three types of stages that a dog undergoes when it suffers from seizures.

  • Pre-ictal
  • Ictal
  • Post-ictal

Aggressive Nature Of Dogs Due To Seizures

In the first phase owner often notices behavioral changes in dog. They may become more aggressive and anxious.  This is the beginning of the seizure attacks in dogs.

In the second phase they often tend to fall down unconsciously and their body part may become more stiffen.

In the third phase, dogs often lose their unconsciousness which often creates blindness for a short time.

You should not panic when you notice such stages in your dog. You should become more active and alert and try to stay away from them. Immediately call dog’s clinic and make an immediate appointment with the veterinary doctor.

Be Informed And Always Take Precautionary Action

Dogs play an important role in human life. They should be treated with love and if they suffer from such a disease you should not abandon them. The most important thing is understand them and also the type of seizure they are suffering with. Always invest time in educating yourself and also help other persons with their dogs. If you take precautionary steps to treat the initial stage of seizures, you might be able to give your dog a longer life.

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