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Absence Seizure | A Few Dietary Precautions May Prevent Serious Damages

Absence seizure is common in children and is first noticed in them when they attain the age of  4 to 8 years. Seizure onset may also be little late in them.  Early adolescence is also an age when absence seizure onset is possible. Absence or petit mal seizures usually have a hereditary element in them. People who are diagnosed with petit mal seizure may belong to a family of epilepsy patients. This may sound strange but use of carbamazapine and phenytoin (anti-epileptic medications) may also lead to such medical condition. Hyperventilation or similar health issues may trigger to the people who are predisposed to petit mal seizure.

Confirming The Presence Of Absence Seizure

EEG For Absence Seizures

When seizure symptoms are observed in a person the best way to confirm its existence is an electroencephalogram or EEG test. Symmetrical generalized 3 Hz spike wave on EEG give the biggest clue on the presence of absence seizure in a person. Other then that the healthcare provider usually checks patient’s medical history and record the characteristics of the seizure attack one has experienced. Ones the absence seizure is confirmed the medical practitioner may prescribe the patient with few anticonvulsant medications to help control it.

How You Can Identify That The Person With You Is Having An Absence Seizure Attack?

Seizure attacks are easier to spot, especially when they have occurred at a daytime.

  • The first thing you may check is person’s eyes. They are usually rolled upwards when kind of seizure is taking place.
  • When you have recognized the seizure with their eyes, try softly talking to them if they do not respond or it appears that they have not noticed you, consider it another sign of absence seizure.
  • After the seizure attack they resume to normal so you cannot ask them whether they had a seizure, as most likely they may not have any memory of the event.
  • During the seizure, stay calm and do not shake the person this may increase the length of the episode.
  • If the seizure lasts longer than 3 to 10 seconds, take it as a sign of a serious condition and immediately take the person to the doctor.

Insist On A Few lifestyle Changes

Cereals Made From Whole Grains Help Reducing The Frequency Of Petit Mal Seizure

Other than prescribed medication you may also apply a few lifestyle changes and precautions to prevent any reduce its possible occurrence and prevent any serious damage due to seizure.  Role of a balance diet is very high considering children with absence or petit mal seizure. They should be given diet high in raw foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and cereals, nuts, pulses, calcium rich and low-fat dairy products are a few foods that can help reducing the frequency of petit mal seizures.

Use Of Taurine In The Treatment Of Epileptic Seizure

Taurine is an amino acid which is essential for cardiovascular function and development of central nerve system. It has now introduced as a supplement and prescribed by various naturopathic practitioner and healthcare provider for the treatment of epilepsy. Diet full of magnesium and calcium can also be a viable option for seizure patients.  Such seizure may possible be induced by lack of sleep, stress and many other lifestyle factors. Identify the catalyst and make necessary changes in your lifestyle to control it.

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