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Increase Oxygenation Naturally To Prevent And Heal Seizures Of Epilepsy

Causes of seizures have yet not defined by the western medicine and doctors. However there are a few things which can be taken as much known causes of seizure. The one such cause is the lack of oxygen to the brain. Poor blood circulation leads to lack of oxygen to the brain and then to the disturbance in it’s functioning. Petit mal seizure is common in little babies and children but is also found in adults. When the brain doesn’t get enough oxygen in the name of essential fuel, it shows symptoms of adversely affected functioning and impairs the brain especially to the area of electrical activity. This often makes me think about natural ways to prevent seizures, so that body has enough oxygen level to fight against seizure activity in the body.

How Do Alcohol and Drugs Influence Seizure Activity?

Excessive Use Of Alcohol And Poor Diet May Cause Seizure In Adults

Lack of blood flow and insufficient oxygen level is truly a result of malnutrition and excessive consumption of alcohol. People who love alcohol and have horrible eating habits such as African-American soul food are more prone to seizure and epilepsy than to the people with profound way of living. Clearly, people with such eating and drinking habits do not get necessary amount of oxygen to their brain which causes disturbance and mal-functioning.

Natural Ways To Prevent Seizures – Yoga And Breathing Exercises To Intake Pure Life Force

Yoga And Breathing Exercises For Seizures

Man made epilepsy medications such as synthetic pharmaceutical-grad pills and others too can be very dangerous and it would be wise to avoid them to the maximum. The anticonvulsant drugs are habit forming and give bad reactions when suddenly break-up from the use. Especially to the children they become an addiction and impose repetitive seizures when cut off suddenly. Like with any other disease, epilepsy too has energetic causations. From metaphysical point of view seizure designate a feeling of self violence and a sense of struggling which clearly shows that the person is cut off from his life force. Yoga and breathing exercises are two natural ways to prevent seizures in people. They help them to take in vital life force and breathe out all stale air from the lungs hence lot of oxygen to the brain.

Dairy Food And Meat Block The Arterial Pathway

Greatest Causative Factor Of Epilepsy In Babies Is Synthetic Baby Formula Milk

In little babies, who usually suffer form absence  or petit mal seizure, the basic cause lies in their ingestion of unnatural baby formula milk which should be avoided by the parents under any circumstances. These baby formulas are considered liquid meat that clogs arterial pathways. Switch to vegan campaign serving greatly in healing epilepsy patients. Dairy food and meat are bound to block the arteries and thus blood flow and oxygen. Alkaline food such as fruits and vegetables are few natural ways to prevent seizures as they enhances oxygen to the body unlike the acidic food such as meat and dairy products which clog the arterial due to mucus buildup.

Herbs – Good Natural Ways To Prevent Seizures And Control Epilepsy

A drink of choice for the epilepsy patients should be a lot of water, fruit and vegetable juice and herbal teas for the purpose of natural healing. Alternatively, you can add a few drops of liquid oxygen every time you drink a glass of water for mounting oxygenation in the body. There are a few herbs too that greatly help healing epilepsy such as guto kola, ginseng, green tea and black walnut hulls.

Make use of such herbs in your daily diet. Additionally, Irish moss, jatamansi, European mistletoe is also effective in healing seizure naturally. Herbs are no doubt are classified as good natural ways to prevent seizures, but before taking them, doctor’s advised is a prerequisite.

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