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Tongue Biting During Seizure

Tonic clonic or grand mal seizures are the most common seizure attacks. There are many medicines and treatments available today to treat them. Studies and researches are still going on to find the acute reason for seizures and their serious impact on human body and brain. Abnormal electric activity in the brain is formerly the most known reason for its occurrence in human body. It is also genetic and can be life threatening in some cases. It always depends on the severity of the attack and age group. It has been noticed that it eliminates itself but still no one can give any surety of its re-occurrence.

Risk Of Biting Tongue During Seizures Attack

Tonic clonic or grand mal seizures attack usually shows symptoms of open mouth and eyes. Person having this kind of attack also undergoes unconsciousness and stiffness in legs and frequent irregular and random movements of arm. The respiratory muscles also get contracted and forces air out of the lungs with force that often creates a grunt or a loud cry. The most dangerous part is the tongue; the person may bite his /her own tongue. Bladder may also get affected leading to contraction of urine. Usually the body collapses and becomes rigid during the duration of the grand mal seizures attack that may last for about 15 – 30 seconds.

Always Look For Alternative Herbs And Medicines

There are many anticonvulsant drugs that are used in treating grand mal seizure. But they also might be dangerous at some time of life. They are very strong tablets and become habitual. You can always look for some natural herbal remedies if you have experienced initial seizure attack. Passionflower herb is considered as a good herbal medicine to reduce the seizure attack. Changing your food habits may also help you eliminating or diminishing grand mal seizures attacks; you can always go for more natural foods that include fruits and vegetables that are good sources of oxygen. You should drink fruit juice, vegetable juice and herbal green teas to fight against seizures.

Most Common Tests Used For Diagnosing Grand Mal Seizures

Lumbar Puncture

To diagnose grand mal seizures properly you may be prompted to following tests:-

  • Electroencephalogram (EEG)
  • Blood and urine tests
  • MRI or CT scan
  • Lumbar puncture
  • Toxicology screening

These are very necessary to find where the problem is located and what the main area of seizure is. These help doctors give you an assessment on what type of treatment you need to undergo to stop against further occurrence of grand mal seizure attacks. If you suffered from any head injury or trauma, do give its complete knowledge to your doctor. Homeopathic remedies are also sometimes very effective in controlling seizures. But it is always insisted to go by what your doctor has prescribed you.

Improve Upon Your Sleep Pattern To Reduce Seizure Frequency

Improving upon your sleep patterns and following a ketogenic diet may help you reduce the frequency of seizures attacks. Following a proper diet and a bit of allowed exercise can help you live a better life without seizure attacks. Insist on having diet that gives your body more oxygen as it helps your body to overcome seizures.

Grand Mal Seizures Resources & Strategies

The best and best way you will be able help yourself get ready and deal with grand mal seizures is by checking out and discovering a lot more about them. So have a look at more resources on our grand mal seizures web pages.

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