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Biting Your Tongue during Grand Mal Seizures?

Grand Mal Seizures Indirect Injuries

A number of people have the tendency to bite their tongue during their grand mal seizures. This can happen both to those who suffer from grand mal seizures permanently, i.e. they will always have it for the rest of their lives due to whatever brain injury or damage as well as those who do have hope for a partial or complete cure.

Biting and Grand Mal Seizures Loop

Naturally this is a very serious and problematic issue because you end up damaging yourself as well as having pains afterwards if you try to eat anything. And when it does heal up, even if a little, another seizure starts refreshing the damage again and re-starting the loop.

The first answer that most people find concerning their grand mal seizures and biting their tongue is that there is nothing they can do because they are absolutely not in control of their body and if it happens then it happens. However, after doing some deeper research you can start finding some, even if partial, solutions and also reliefs for the aftermath.

Getting a relief

To get the reliefs out of the way as it is very short the best recommendation is to eat cold foods as that helps with the soreness and helps you recover faster.

Learn the signs of grand mal seizures

Now back to the biting: some people actually have ways of knowing that they are going to have a seizure. Some know a little bit in advance and others just a second or few seconds. Still the signs which you have learned through your difficult experience can actually help guard your tongue from being bitten. The way to do this is first of all teaching yourself and observing yourself to learn and see the signs of your grand mal seizures to possibly lengthen your warning time and secondly to use a bite guard.

bite guard to stop biting tongue during grand mal seizures

The first thing which can come to mind concerning the bite guard is that it is for dogs. But there are also versions for humans and actually the better ones are custom fitted by your dentist. The bite guards can be moulded to tailor fit your mouth.

And therefore when you get the signs that you are about to have a grand mal seizure you can pop in your bite guard and protect yourself from biting your tongue.

For those people who do not get such signs there are 2 advices:

  1. Do try to observe yourself and see what signs your body shows always before a seizure.
  2. Use the bite guard all the time, which is naturally not such a comfortable thing to do but neither is the terrible experience of biting the tongue and having pain every time you eat something

For final words the best advice is learning your body better to know when you are about to have a grand mal seizure and taking action accordingly.

Grand Mal Seizures Resources & Advice

The very best and best way you can help your self prepare and deal with grand mal seizures is by checking out and studying much more about them. So see more written content on our grand mal seizures web pages.

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  1. Biting my tongue was a big problem for me so finally I decided to get one of those bite guards from amazon and see if it works and so far I am happy not to spend big money at the doctor

  2. My husband had a grand mal seizure can you tell me what you ate after biting you tongue?

  3. I am almost 16 and biting my tongue is a huge problem. I plan to get bite guard ASAP.

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