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Petit Mal Seizures In The Elderly Are Usually A Result Of Aging

Petit mal seizure is common in children as well as in the people older than 60 years of age. In adults, petit mal seizure is one of the...

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A Through Medical Check-Up Is Must Confirming A Petit Mal Seizure

Petit mal seizure in children may sometimes be under-diagnosed because in the seizure the child only have a staring spell and he or she is...

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No More Ignorant Superstitions| Petit Mal Seizure Is A Purely Physical Phenomenon

Petit mal seizure is a brief distraction in the brain. Tendency of such kind is usually inherited. Petit mal seizure can be seen in three...

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Juvenile Absence Seizures

Juvenile absence seizure is very similar to childhood absence seizures, so it can be hard to tell apart the two syndromes. Juvenile...

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Petit Mal or Absence Seizure in the Classroom

Those children who are actually suffering from petit mal seizure often get blamed for lack of attention or concentration, not listening to...

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