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Seizure Precautions at Home

If anyone is suffering with epilepsy in your family, you should be aware of the safety measures that you can take when the person is having a seizure attack. In our website we have tried to bring out various impacts of seizure along with their definition and symptoms to help you understand the seizure types. But it doesn’t stop here, as to help someone with seizure from any kind of injury, it is important that you learn the ways to help someone in need. By evaluating some aspects of day to day life, here you can learn some seizure precautions to help reduce risks during seizure episodes.

Seizure Precautions A Necessity

Take Extra Precautions to Avoid Any Possible Injury

It’s important to understand that these seizure precautions are made studying various cases of accidents that happened during seizure attack. However, we are not perfect and if you have any more suggestions that we can add here, feel free to leave us a comment. We will start with different sections of the home from bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom to general safety precautions. Seizures are unpredictable and even if a seizure hasn’t occurred in a year, there are chances it can repeat so always take extra precautions to avoid any kind of injury.

Bathroom Precautions For Seizures

An epileptic person should be very cautious while bathing. There are chances that if you get a seizure attack while bathing, you may drown yourself. While out for a shower follow the instructions below:

  1. Avoid taking bathe and prefer to shower or use a handheld shower.
  2. Check the temperature and set it to normal. Avoid taking hot showers.
  3. Check the bathroom drain and make sure it is not blocked by soap, cloth or sponges.
  4. Always keep the bathroom door open so that in case of emergency someone can help you out easily.
  5. Do not use electronic products such as razors or hair dryers in the bathroom alone.

Bedroom Precautions

  1. Always inform someone before you are getting to bed.
  2. Make sure your bedroom have enough space and if anything like a lamp is in the bedroom, get rid of it and use roof lighting. Keep the objects with sharp edges away from room.
  3. Do no lock door, always keep it open.
  4. Make sure it’s airy and not secluded.
  5. Always see that the bed is placed against a wall and its height is lowered than normal so that when you experience jerks, you do not fall off even if you do, you are not hurt.

Kitchen Precautions

  1. Keep yourself away from sharp objects such as knife especially when you are washing dishes.
  2. Use stove guards that automatically turn off the knob when the utensil is removed.
  3. Do not cook alone, make sure someone is there to help you out or keep a watch.
  4. Stay away from hot liquids and try boiling water in microwave rather than in stove.
  5. Use dishes that are made of plastic or unbreakable material to avoid getting injury.
  6. Always wear gloves while washing to avoid any kind of injury.

General Home Safety Seizure Precautions

  1. Do not attempt driving at your own risk unless until you are free from seizures for almost a year and have a special license to drive.
  2. While boarding the public transport, make sure you tell the driver about your epilepsy so if any seizure attack occurs, he can call for help as soon as possible.
  3. If you are employed, do not work for too many hours. Ask your boss and show your medical certificate to leave you at time and make sure somebody is around to get you back home safely.
  4. When working around machinery, make sure you have somebody around. If you are alone, hold the job and call someone to give you company.
  5. Make sure you have remote emergency alarm system. Whenever you feel like having a seizure, just push the button from your remote to seek help.
  6. Do not engage in rigorous exercise. Always take breaks and eat your food at the right time.

I hope these precautions help you. Do not forget to visit more contents on epilepsy and learn how you can help some with seizures. There is an interesting article on Jacksonian seizures, if you don’t know what is it? Share your knowledge and be a part in fighting against epilepsy.

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