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Is Epilepsy Hereditary?

Many people might wonder, ‘is epilepsy hereditary?’ Well! The answer is “YES”. Generally, this is a very complicated condition that could be developed due to many reasons. One of the main reasons is Hereditary. Genes play a crucial role in many Epilepsy causes. This could involve juvenile myoclonic epilepsy, febrile seizures, photosensitive epilepsy and childhood absence epilepsy.

What is Epilepsy?

Is Epilepsy Hereditary?

This is a neurological condition that directly affects the brain. Electrical impulses inside the brain misfire or neglect to follow the suitable pathway triggering partial or even complex seizures. These seizures can sometimes include periods or even staring, unconventional sensations or even feelings, or convulsions. The seriousness of the seizure depends on the part of the brain affected.

Types of Epilepsy

There are generally two types of Epilepsy – Idiopathic or Symptomatic Epilepsy.

Idiopathic Epilepsy – This kind of condition can be hereditary as it occurs more often in family members.  Indiscretion detected from the EEG of the patient is quite alike to those having other close relatives whether or not the family member has epilepsy. Actually, chromosomal abnormalities are explained for epilepsy and may be inherited. This condition is a better answer of question ‘is epilepsy hereditary?’

Symptomatic Epilepsy – This kind of Epilepsy is the result of some brain damage or injury. This includes damage sustained from head injury, abnormal development throughout the first trimester involving pregnancy, mind tumors as well as Encephalitis.


Although there are some evidences that people who develop epilepsy caused by brain injury, must have epilepsy in their family than people who do not develop seizures caused by brain injury. Basically, Epilepsy occurs for a price of 2% in the general population. If the father has epilepsy the probability of children possessing epilepsy can be raised somewhat. If the mother has epilepsy, this rate can be increased to 5%. The danger increases above 5% in the event both mother and father have epilepsy.

Seizure Precautions

In adults, the seizure medication produces any seizure-free lifestyle for 50 to 60%. In the remaining affected individuals, 10 to 20% can easily control seizure activity with the addition of a subsequent medication. Only 20 to 30% will experience seizures as well as requiring additional treatment.

For children, 20% will probably experience a conclusion to seizures while using first medication. When the actual medication will be stopped a child will still be seizure free of charge. Between 50 to 60% children will remain seizure free of charge while about medication and could possibly stop medication sometime soon. Another 30% need medication for lifelong. Only 10% involving children have epilepsy requires treatment with oral medication.

Couples that have epilepsy should consider both the sort of epilepsy and severity of their condition just before making the decision to get children. For many it must not be a significant concern; but health-related advice from your personal doctor is well-advised. He will give the precise answer to your query is epilepsy hereditary or not!

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