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Effects of Alcohol on Grand Mal Seizures

Doctors never fail to warn patients with grand mal seizures about drinking alcohol. The effects of too much alcohol on grand mal seizures can be life threatening. Although increased seizure activity is not seen on patients that have had a moderate amount of alcohol, precaution must still be done. Too much alcohol intake can lead to life threatening situations such as status epilepticus. This condition needs immediate medical attention. Status epilepticus is seizure that occurs for more than 30 minutes.

Effects of Alcohol on Grand Mal Seizures

What to Expect after Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol in small to moderate amounts has certain properties that ironically can control seizures. However, this should not be a reason to hope that it can totally control seizures. Seizures do not occur while a person with grand mal seizures is currently drinking alcohol. The seizures should be expected when there is alcohol withdrawal, probably 6 to 72 hours after drinking a large amount of alcohol. The seizures are more likely to occur on people who have been abusing alcohol for several years. There are instances where the intake of alcohol is suddenly stopped, and seizures occur.

Excess Alcohol Triggers Grand Mal Seizures

As a patient who has enough common sense, you should be aware of the effects of alcohol on your grand mal seizures. You should be responsible enough to stay away from the substances that can trigger your seizures.

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  1. Too much of alcohol or anything is bad anyways, be it for grand mal seizures or other things

  2. I agree the after reading it. My only comment is – In general, the duration of these indications is dependent upon how severe the individual’s addiction towards alcohol. Obviously, the ‘sickness’ level will differ greatly from a habitual drinker compared to the occasional one. Moreover, the duration and alcohol dosage affect as well. The symptoms are likely to appear between 5 and ten several hours from the last alcohol consumption. Despite the fact that most people go through an adjustment period of five days or less, several reported a few days of mixed emotions.

  3. bah now cause of these seizures I have to stop drinking too….

  4. and probably if someone is having a seizure among other drunk people… it is not the ideal environment I would imagine…

  5. I stopped drinking for about 12hrs and decided not drink anymore.Wrong,I went into a grand mal seizure that nearly killed me.Do yourself a favor and get medical help to stop drinking.It’s not a good feeling going into or coming out of seizures.Daniel Collins


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