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Idiopathic Grand Mal Seizure And Sleep Deprivation

Sleep awakening epilepsy is related with the syndrome of idiopathic grand mal seizures. They mostly occur when a person abruptly loss control of his/her sleep in the early morning hours or when usually when a person is spending some leisure time at evening. Grand mal seizure on awakening can be dangerous and is often linked with symptoms of seizures attacks in childhood or adolescence. The most common problem associated with the occurrence of such seizures attacks during awakening time is primarily because of the deprivation of sleep or sleep disorders. Irregular sleep habits and chronic insomnia are the primary cause of such a grand mal seizure attack.

Sleep Instability And Idiopathic Tonic Clonic Or Grand Mal Seizure

When done an EEG of a patient undergoing grand mal seizure attacks on awakening, it mainly shows results which proves shows the prevalence of  idiopathic generalized epilepsy, which means there is some external factor responsible for causing grand mal seizures attack on awakening. The EEG shows the characteristics of:

  • Frequent generalized spike wave frequency
  • Rare foca1 abnormalities
  • Increased photosensitivity

When done a Polygraphic study, it shows that sleep habits were mainly responsible for seizures on awakening. The sleep instability was seen and it showed true signs of the juvenile myoclonic epilepsy activity which often takes place during the non-REM sleep.

Sleep Deprivation And Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy

Changes In Focal Structure

The majority of the generalized tonic-clonic seizures are commonly associated with the awakening of a person at any point of time. It is mostly common with patients suffering with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy and sleep deprivation is the ruling factor behind such a seizure occurrence. Along with sleep instability, a patient may also develop such seizures attack because of the alcohol addiction, stress disorder or chronic fatigue. A close relationship exists between sleep-waking cycle and seizures thus causing idiopathic grand mal seizures.

Assist The Person Undergoing Grand Mal Seizure Attack

Assist People Suffering With Grand Mal Seizure

When someone develops a seizure especially grand mal seizure attack on awakening, make sure to provide the necessary help. It could be very discomforting for the patient undergoing such a seizure attack, so immediately call for emergency help and see that the patient is safe. A support is constantly required to help understand people suffering with seizures. If you’ve never witnessed a seizure attack, you might be shocked or confused but having knowledge about them helps to call for an immediate help. Don’t just rush to call emergency services, stay along with the person undergoing seizure attack, as such seizures are of short duration and then a person becomes normal. So wait and notice symptoms and if needed keep a handy notebook to call the emergency medical service at the shortest notice.

Medical Attention Is A Must For People Suffering With Grand Mal Seizure Upon Awakening

There are number of medicines and treatments that can help you overcome idiopathic grand mal seizures. A seizure on awakening is most commonly associated with children and adolescence. It is very important that proper medical attention is taken upon the first presence of a seizure attack on awakening. With time, if left untreated it may develop into Epilepsy, which is very dangerous and may prove fatal. A proper diagnosis is primarily needed to cure these types of grand mal seizure attacks to ensure a good and healthy life.

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