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Your Daytime Fatigue And Behavioral Difficulty Might Be A Result Of Seizure Occurred During Sleep

Seizures do not occur due to a single known fact.  Anything that affect brain’s functioning, may it is a tumor or a severe brain injury can cause seizure in someone’s life. Sometimes it is inherited and nothing comes out as a prevailing cause behind seizure. Seizure may be caused due to a severe head injury, low blood sugar, regular drug use, sudden alcohol withdrawal and also due to an infection in the brain. In most of the cases, epilepsy is found as a major cause behind seizure. But good thing is that, epilepsy is not a degenerative disorderand can be controlled with regular medications.

Seizure May Be Caused Due To A Severe Head Injury

Seizure And Irregular Sleep Activities

Epilepsy has a close relation with sleep. You can say that they are interlinked with each other. The electrical charges in the brain are result of irregular sleep activities. There are a few seizure types that occur only during sleep. Rolandic epilepsy, also known as benign focal epilepsy causes seizure exclusively during sleep. Kind of epilepsies are usually confused with insomnia as it causes awakenings when a seizure occurs due to it. Many times the patients are unaware of their problem as all the seizures that occurred to them were at the time of deep sleep. Patients usually complain for daytime fatigue and concentration loss without knowing that they are getting seizures during their sleep and the problem is not exactly insomnia or related sleep disorder.

OSA Treatment And Epileptic Seizure

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is common with epilepsy. Studies have found that more than 75% of epilepsy patients also diagnosed with OSA. The epilepsy patients with sleep apnea are more prone to seizures attack at night during sleep than to the epilepsy patients without OSA. If we see the things other way round these studies indicate the need of another research where the scientist need to check whether a treatment for OSA lesson the rate of recurrence of epileptic seizure.

A Sound Sleep Is Necessary For Children With Epilepsy

Patients Usually Complain For Daytime Fatigue And Concentration Loss Due To Seizure

Sleep problems are the most critical one among the variety of other problems related with epilepsy in children. A study carried out on sleep patterns by the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada found that children with epilepsy have higher rate of sleep disorder than to the children without epilepsy. They are also found with attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome. Behavioral difficulty and emotional imbalance problems are also higher in those children compared to the children without epilepsy. When we come up to a conclusion with the study we find that epilepsy in children can also be controlled improving their sleep pattern.

Meditation And Support Groups To Improve Quality Of Life

National institute of health says that about 1.5 to 5.0 percent of the Americans have experienced seizure at least once in their lives. In majority of people, the seizure is controlled with very first experience however for some it’s a lifelong condition. To lessen the frequency other than with medication we can also relay on meditation and support groups to improve quality of life and hence a sleep cycle. A sound sleep may stop reoccurrence of the seizure or eliminate it forever.

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